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Carson had his first T-Ball game yesterday, and he had a blast! I must say, this new camera is awesome for sports! It had absolutely no problem focusing through the chain link fence (except on video mode). I was pretty impressed.

I've done some focus tests on the camera, and I'm realizing that it's a combo of me needing to figure it all out, and the big monitor pointing everything out to me. I'll get the hang of it soon. I have my first real shoot with it this evening, and I can't wait!

Just some snaps from the game Smile

866A1367-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

Poor Jackson wanted to play too. He gets really jealous during practices, and the game was no exception. He just couldn't stand it that we were giving Carson all the attention Wink

866A1376-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

He was much more involved in t-ball than soccer. He was actually going after the ball. I missed it cause I was in the bathroom with Jackson, but Drew said he got the ball, and tagged another little kid out!

866A1387-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A1400-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A1402-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

866A1408-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

He was sliding into home AFTER he got there lol!

866A1429-2 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

I'm looking forward to our evening games where the light isn't as harsh. This was straight up noon. I can tell that this is going to be a really good season for Carson. He had such a big smile on his face the whole time.

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Those are great, Steph! Looks like he was just having a blast, and the images are so good!

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LOVE these! Makes me so anxious for Randy's first game! However, Randy is quite a bit younger than Carson, so I doubt he will even run to home plate! LOL! Our games keep getting rained out! Sad Totally cracking up over that last photo!

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Love the pictures.

Natalie gets a bit jealous over Dana playing hockey, she wants to do it too, but girls hockey only starts at 5. I have her in a "Sports Club" for the next 10 weeks to see what she really likes, finished soccer already she starts baseball this week.