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Tagging/Stamping Photos

Yeah... I can't even think of what it's called right now. But I was just wondering how you all decide where to put your name/logo on your pictures? I had such a hard time trying to decide on quite a few of the newborn portraits I did just where to put my name. Any pointers?


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Great question, I'd love to hear responses, I don't do photos for other people so my tagging is based on my subject. If I don't want people to be able to crop out the watermark and use the photo I will put it somewhere in the middle, right on the subject, if it's something I am less concerned about when it comes to image theft I will put it in the lower or upper portion of the picture not in the way.

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varies based on photo but if its for a paid shoot i try to put it smack in the center, but lower opacity to like 50% so you can still see the image. for my own images just being shared i usually use a lower corner.

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I do the same, I just put mine where it can't be cropped out, but not over bodies.

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I almost always put mine where it can't be cropped OR cloned out. Can't be too careful on the internet.

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Popping in super quick... I put mine where it would be hard to crop or clone out.