Taking the ILP Plunge

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Taking the ILP Plunge

I am debating putting together the beginnings of a PrePro set for ILP. I know I am not there YET but I hope that starting a set will push me to get there. The problem is, I don't even know where to start? I plan to only put images in there that I took with my DSLR in a manual mode... but want to make sure I have good variety and good PP on them too.

Ideas? Advice? Or am I nuts to even start thinking about this?

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I'm working on a set too. I so far have about two images that I feel are good enough. My advice would be to post on ILP for CC and here, and when your set is together post on the ILP prepro readiness forum for CC. That's what I plan to do. Also, sometimes when people are approved for prepro they post their set. You can review the approved sets, and see if you feel your work is up to par. Good luck Smile I hope to have a set ready by the end of this year. What's your goal?

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I actually posted a set for CC on ILP. I have posted one before and based on the comment I knew I was not there yet. I think the set I have posted has a lot more I need to work on in PP. My advice is to start posting images there in JSO for CC. If you have not yet signed in go ahead and do so. You will have to be able to PP images cleanly and have a variety of people and lighting, etc. Good luck.

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I'm working on a set too...I have 7 Smile Keep posting for cc there and here and read read READ every tutorial and practice practice PRACTICE! Lol Good luck!