Talk to me about Aperture priority

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Talk to me about Aperture priority

It seems that even though I hear about always try to shoot in manual, many photograph in the aperture priority mode. How do you know when to? I wonder if it will make a difference when I attempt to photograph a family of 5 at this location:

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when you know for sure that you want to stick with a specific aperture. my friend mainly shoots in AP mode. the challenge is when you want a higher ap and the camera gives you a super low SS. you don't want any OOF images with a slow SS. so it's just something to be cautious with - you can use that mode as long as you're aware of the SS.

that's a cool location! with a family of five, you want an aperture of at least 5.6 so that they'll stay in focus.

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HOLY COW! I love the location! I so need to find something like this!

As for AP mode. I can understand why you would want this, but like Gwen said, you have to stay aware of the shutter speed.

Keep us posted!

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thanks ladies! I think I'm just going to stick with what I know (which isn't much, but this isn't the time to play around!)

I am SO excited my friend wants to try photos here. I am hoping I can get some decent shots. My only concern is the outfits she's talking about her family wearing are more on the formal side and red, black and white. But we'll see. I wish I could get her to be more casual and add scarfs and fun stuff. Either way, I'm super excited about it!

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GREAT location! Can't wait to see how they come out!

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Yup, what Gwen said. and I think formal stuff can look really wonderful! Don't forget to share when your done!

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what a beautiful location!!! Smile Love it! good luck and can't wait to see what you come up with!