Talking about getting a new...

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Talking about getting a new...

DH and I have been talking about upgrading my laptop and there was small talk on upgrading my CAMERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in 2011 sometime Smile First of all...we've been talking about getting a mac. An iMac? in the future. And to begin with a macbook pro. Umm...anyone have a macbook pro and edit on it? Do you have to calibrate? I have Spyder3pro I wonder if it would work with it. Anyways, that doesn't matter right now. But wow! DH and I went to a Mac store the other day and I fell in LOVE with everything Mac! Sooo nice! Also yesterday my brother was asking about my camera and if I recommended anything like it to him and I quickly thought "well hey why don't you buy mine?" I know I could still use mine for quite some time but I'd absolutely LOVE to upgrade in the next year or so. Maybe a year from now Smile and it would be so neat to be able to sell it to my brother. I know he'd take good care of it. He said he pretty much just wants to be able to take better quality pictures. And a Canon 40D on auto takes pretty decent quality shots compared to my regular point and shoot (canon) which is 14megapixels and my 40D is only 10.

anyway I just wanted to share my news Biggrin Also DH promised, as a sort of Christmas gift to ourselves, to take me on a trip to Athens, Greece! So many photo opportunities! We are going sometime in the Spring before we move! It's one of those MUST SEE places on my list before I move. I've seen so much already and I know we will be visiting Europe in the future since my MIL will be moving to Spain (near the beach!) in the next year or so. Ahhh! 2011 is going to be a great year!!!!! Smile

hope everyone has been having a great weekend! And hope you have a great week!


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I have an imac and LOVE it! I am sure you will. Can's answer your macbook question though.

Hope you get to upgrade... what camera are you looking at getting? I'm gonna upgrade this year too!

OOOH greece. I wouldn't mind going there. just for the photo ops.... sounds like 2011 is gonna be a great year for you.

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Do you have to calibrate your iMac? Dh is now talking about a macbook air! :eek: We'd be getting it by February :eek: :eek: !!!!!!!!!! Then an iMac later on down the road. I wonder if I'd be able to edit with it. Hmm...

I am not sure what camera I'd want. I haven't even looked into it yet! lol Or thought about it really. ha!

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Woo Hoo to lots of new stuff!! I want an imac so bad, but I know that's no where in my future.

Awesome about Greece. I'll be there at the end of June, beginning of July. Can you postpone so we can meet Biggrin I've been saving up and buying all sorts of fun stuff for that trip. I'm hoping to convince DH I need another lens Lol

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lol! I tried convincing mine but it didn't work. I would love to rent one but it's so expensive to rent too. I'll just have to use what I have Smile But it's fine with me. I wish I could postpone! How cool would that be to meet in Athens? Wink hehe But we are moving back to the USA in either June or July.

Oh and somewhere in between all this I want to get a camera bag. One of those really nice leather ones that look like a purse. Kelly Moore bag? Those are awesome.

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Greece - color me JEALOUS. I'm sure you'll have an amazing time. And, Spain's coast is beautiful. I was in Spain in the early '90s, and visited Torremolinos which is on the coast. I have a pic of my feet in the Mediterranean Sea. Smile

What camera are you thinking of upgrading to?

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I wouldn't really consider the Mac book air for editing. It's Mac's version of a netbook, so there's no optical drive and not much hard drive space. It's more geared towards surfing the net and documents/email on the go. I've had two iMacs and loved both. Their screens calibrate just as easily as any other screen. The only drawback is if you ever have a problem with the screen you can't just get another one. You have to get a whole new machine or spend the bucks to have Apple or someone fix it - which usually costs just as much as a new machine.

Can't wait to see pics from Greece!!

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I have the 17" macbook pro. I edit in it. I calibrated my laptop with the eyeone 2, I think that's what its called, lol. You'll love macs for sure.