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tech support?

I have my Nikon D3100 but it didn't come with a data transfer cable to get my photos to the computer? Is this the norm?

The booklet says to use a mini USB, which I've tried multiple of, but none work. The box had a?ferrite core thing to snap on the cable which I tried as well but no luck. My macbook doesn't even recognize the camera being plugged in.

I don't have a card reader, but I guess that would be the next option? Or buy a nikon brand cable?

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that bites that you didn't get the cord w/ the camera. i check amazon and found this one : dCables Nikon D3100 USB Cable - USB Computer Cord for D3100 : Computers & Accessories

I have a D7100 and this is the cord that came w/ mine. I actually also use a card reader as they are very handy.

And you can usually get one for under $30.

Good luck and feel free to share some pics once you can get them off the camera.


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We have both, but I almost always use the cord. It's just a bit handier. But either way would work.