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Technology question

My computer is on the fritz so illbe making a new purchase shortly. I use mine for work (administration type functions, Internet and of course photos, editing, etc. Trying to decide whether to get another desktop or a laptop this time.

What does everyone here use? What specs do you think are a bare minimum. My desktop is now 4.5yrs old and I'm not sure where to start.

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24" imac - LOVE IT

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If you want to work with RAW, definitely get a lot of hard drive space. This may not be too big of a deal, though, since you can always get an external drive and/or save to CDs.

If you're using Photoshop or comparable photo editing software, you will want a bare minimum of 4 GB of RAM, 8 GB is even better.

I love editing on my laptop, which is a Toshiba, but it's not very good at keeping calibration, so I normally have to reset it after it's turned on. Other laptops also have the same problem (it has to do with Windows 7 settings interfering with the calibration settings). I don't know about Mac machines. They may not have that problem. I've never had calibration unsticking issues with my desktop.

If you decide to get a laptop, stay away from netbooks. You can't upgrade their RAM without upgrading the operating system that comes with them. It's too big of a hassle. It's better to just go with a regular laptop.

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I use a 17" MacBook Pro. Love it!

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I'll second the thumbs up for my 24" iMac. Love that thing! PS works great on it and it came w/ a nice big hard drive (though I keep most RAW files on external hard drives).

new tech can be a lot of fun, so enjoy it!


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I did the best of both worlds, but obviously the more expensive option.

I have a 15 inch laptop connected to a 24 inch desktop screen.

I would definitely suggest getting a larger hard drive (but I agree, externals are going to be necessary once you start building up your photo catalogs). A lot of ram is a necessity as well to run photo editing programs. I have 6 gigs, but I'm getting ready to upgrade to 8 gigs. This will ensure everything runs smoothly. I would also suggest the biggest screen you can afford, the better. It's useful for your photo editing workspace area as well as being able to view details better at a larger size.

Good luck making your decision!

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For photos I use a desktop, you get a better bang for the buck. My work machine is a laptop it's fairly old and not the best technology for the time.

I've never used a Mac but I know people who both curse them and love them. A lot of mixed reviews.

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Thanks for the info. I'm still torn. It doesnt help that, although I knew this purchase was coming, I wasn't quite ready for it just yet. Would have liked time to save some more money.

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I say desktop if photos are a big concern. It's hard to have consistent editing on a laptop because the angle of the screen has a ton to do with the brightness and colors you see.

I love the idea of the laptop that can be connected to an external monitor. Best of both.