teen couple for cc

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teen couple for cc

These 2 kiddos are high school judo buddies of ours. And they have just reached their 3rd anniversary (dating, of course). The guy is a good sport and when the young lady said she really wanted photos to celebrate their anniversary, he came along willingly (for the most part).

I struggled with posing as most of the examples I found on-line of couples were of engaged or married couples and that vibe just didn't work with these guys. KWIM?

Here are a few for CC though. I will probably be doing their prom pictures later in the fall so anything you can suggest so that the next shoot goes more smoothly, I would truly appreciate it.

All shots were taken w/ my 50mm at ISO 200. In some shots I bounced my speed light off of a reflector. I also put my camera on a monopod as it was extremely windy and I was hoping it would help avoid camera shake but still be portable for the walking we were doing around our downtown area.

1. f/4.5 ss=1/200

2. f/4.5 ss=1/100

3. f/4.5 ss=1/100

4. f/4.5 ss=1/200


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Can't comment on color since I am on uncalibrated monitor. Here are my CCs

1 - I like this a lot. I am not a fan of the lettering on his hat, I know that could be easily fixed with cloning out. Great expression. The hand chop is bothersome a bit, I would maybe suggest to crop it up a bit more?
2 - Not a fan of the background. The tree branches are coming out of their head. I do like the clarity and connection you've got.
3- Not a fan of the tree in the background (can you clone this out?). I wish I could see their hands, you could probably crop in tighter. Young loove... Smile
4 - Too cute. I would check if the blacks are clipped?

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Nice shots, GiGi! I like the first one the best, as it's a beautiful capture of both of them, with genuine and warm smiles. I wish that you'd shot this one a little more open, but it's a great capture. The shoes are very cool!

I agree about the trees coming out of their heads, but I do really like #2 and #3 anyway. Very sweet!

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Very sweet shoot! I bet they'll love these photos.

1. Nice focus, and they look very natural. I also would like to see his hands, though.
2. I like the pose but his face is a little soft. Agree about cloning out the trees.
3. Awww, young love! My only tweaks would be to clone out the sprig of foliage above her head and maybe the little loop of hair that is standing up. For me, the print on bottom his sweatshirt is distracting (although I think the print across the chest looks fine in all the photos).
4. My favorite! I love the color and texture of her shoes. I think I would crop out the concrete edge at the bottom right and, possibly, the X-shaped beams in the background.

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I have the same CC as above...the branches and trees are kind of distracting coming out of their heads. And watch for the blacks on the shoes, you've lost detail in them.

Otherwise, great job! I know this couple will enjoy them Smile

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I think you did an absolutely wonderful job of capturing the affection between without it looking too grown up, great job! My favourite is #3, you caught such a wonderful moment.

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These are so sweet! That's great that they have been dating so long! Impressive!

1. I would like to maybe see a closer crop b/c of his hand chop. Great use of flash though!
2. The trees are a bit distracting, but I know they will still love it. His face is a bit bright and maybe this one is a bit yellow? This could be me though. Love the real expressions here!
3. Sweet moment! Was this an in camera crop?
4. Love that you caught this detail. I agree about the blacks though.

You did a great job capturing THEM and not making them be anyone else!