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Texture Geeks

Hi. I haven't been around lately coz I got signed out somehow and couldn't remember my password... (and I can't remember how to do the rolling the eyes icon either, lol)

Anyway.... For those of you that use textures, Totally Rad have got the pre-release of their Dirty Pictures (textures and plug-in) ready. If you want a preview of it here's the link http://gettotallyrad.com/blog , and if you want to purchase the pre-release version it's right here https://www.gettotallyrad.com/buy/product.php?productid=5&cat=1

I bought and downloaded it this morning and I have to say it's pretty awesome. If you use textures often this will save you heaps of time and fiddling around. It's definately worth the $149 price tag - well to me anyway.
If you are thinking of purchasing it, he does note that it will only work on CS3 and above.

And, no - I don't work for him. Smile

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pretty awesome! hmmmm...trying to decide if I have 150 extra bucks.