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Thank you!

I am taking a bit of a hiatus from the board for a while, for personal reasons; but before I disappear for a while, I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to everyone for being patient with me as I've been trying to learn, and for encouraging and teaching me. I really do feel that even though I am still taking baby steps as a photographer, I have made some progress towards being able to get up and really run someday, and that is largely due to encouragement and help from all of you! So thank you!

A special thanks to GiGi, as it was your encouragement when I came out of lurkdom to ask for help with my grandma's memorial service photograph that inspired me to stick around and post and learn. And you have always been a really positive and encouraging voice here, and are an awesome moderator!

See you all again in a while!

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Awww I will miss you! I have really enjoyed seeing your work! I hope you'll continue to shoot and that you'll be back soon!

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:(. I will really miss your posts and your photos. It's been so fun watching you grow. Hope you'll be back soon.

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It was good having you here, hope you aren't gone too long, you too were a great contributor, and your pictures were great, I've definitely seen some improvement on your part.

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I agree, I have truly enjoyed watching you grow! Hope you pop in just to check in! Miss ya!

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Thanks, everyone! It won't necessarily be a super-long hiatus, I just need to take a break from certain things right now. I'll definitely be back!

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come back soon!

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You'll be missed!! Keep shooting and come back soon Smile

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Take care and come back soon!


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Sorry to hear you're taking a break! I really love reading your feedback and seeing your work. You really have an eye for photography! Hurry back! We'll miss you!

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I haven't been around much lately but just wanted to say you'll be missed! I loved how you just dove right in and shared so much. Keep clickin'! You definitely have an eye for it (and I love your creativity).

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Thank you Tracy for your enthusiasm. You helped inspire me to post for CC, though I dint get a whole lot of time