Thanks for the help! (and another question)

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Thanks for the help! (and another question)

I just wanted to say thanks for the great advice! Yesterday I was taking snaps at my Mom's for Thanksgiving and she has much better light, so I was able to get my ss up to 1/125 and what a difference it made! All of my pictures were so much sharper and clearer! I don't want to post any cause they were just random snaps, but I hope to take DD's Christmas pics at my mom's house now.

By the way is a white background really hard to work with? I don't know what color I want to use for DD's Christmas pics. I don't think I want to use black or gray. What do you ladies suggest? I will be using natural lighting since I don't have a speedlight or anything.

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yay thats awesome.

haven't used backgrounds but yes I think white is hard but I'm sure someone who has used colours will comment

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white is really hard to work with ... unless you're good at editing and can fix the background and then mask back in the baby.

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YAY..... cant wait to see your results!