thoughts/suggestions needed

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thoughts/suggestions needed

I took some pics of DH during one of our workouts this week. I didn't pay any attention at all to background and all as I wanted this to be a "slice of life" kind of photo shoot. We really were just going through a normal workout in our garage.

Anyway ... I got a few photos that I kind of like and was playing around with the processing. I really feel like, with the right processing, some of these images could turn out really fun. But nothing I have come up with so far strikes the right chord. So I am looking for suggestions.

Here is the "plain" image (had a slight WB adjustment and was cropped a bit):

and here is a version that I played with the processing and applied texture to it:

I did this pretty quick and I think it definitely shows. Sad I don't really like the texture. Going to have to try something else. And I'm not sure how I feel about the color processing either.

I converted this one to b/w, but I'm not digging it either:

I should probably go back to the original as the base for my conversion, but I didn't think about that at the time.

Anyway ... any thoughts you guys have for processing, etc would be most appreciated. Feel free to edit if you wish or just list your suggestions.


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I'm not one of the processing experts here, by any means, but I just want to say I love the second one, GiGi! It's a great 'feel' for a workout photo!

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I am no expert but I love the way pictures look in Lomo, there is a great tutorial on DPS on how to do it.

How To Make Digital Photos Look Like Lomo Photography

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I like the processing on the second photo as well. I do wish the stripe across his shirt is brightened down - initially I thought it was a stream of light or something lol.

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I agree, I think #2 looks very cool for the subject at hand. I too thought that stripe was a beam of sunlight!

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Thanks for the feedback! That "stripe" on his shirt IS light coming in from a side window. Like I said, we were just working out in the garage. And that window lots its valance some time back. I guess I'll have to cover it before I try this again.

I did try the Lomo look processing on 2 of the images (following the tutorial Amanda shared).

I was just playing around, but I actually like the effect. Will try a more "serious" attempt at it later, but here are my quick plays (before Loli and I had to leave for school/work this morning):

I WAY over did the vignette, but like I said, I was just trying to do something quick.

I still like the general effect better than the "plain" image, which I'll show here:

And then here's one more:

now this one was never one of my favorites, but it was handy when I wanted to try out the processing. Wink

I have a cousin coming over this weekend to do some "fitness photos" for a personal training business she is starting up. Should be fun and I am hoping to try some of this processing with her images too. We'll see if it works. I want to make sure hers still look feminine.


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LOVING the look of these. I am with the others! I like #2 and I think this processing works here!

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I like those a lot!

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I agree! I like the processing on the 2nd one the best.

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That lomo look is really cool!

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I've never heard of lomo. It works really well with these! Can't wait to see your "serious" attempt!!