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Tickled Pink

That I got asked for a copyright release to print some of my own pictures. LOL. I know my work isn't that good but it sure felt good to be asked for a copyright release. I even had to fill out the copyright release form still even after I told her that they were my pictures and I wasn't a professional. Not sure if she didn't believe me or that is just standard procedure but I had a smile on my face the whole time I filled out the forms. I printed out the collage of butterflies I took for my Mom, two collages of flowers I took for my MIL and GIL, and a collage of photos I took of my niece for my SIL. I'm going to frame all of the 8X10's and give them for their Mother's Day present. Still cheesing it on cloud nine. Sorry just had to share a small photo accomplishment of being thought of as actually being good. Thanks. Biggrin

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Yay! I was thrilled my first time too Smile

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That's awesome!

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That is cool Smile

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Cool Stephanie! Where was it that they asked you?

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Awesome Stephanie!


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"Amy_&_Eva" wrote:

Cool Stephanie! Where was it that they asked you?

At Walmart.

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Wow, is that ever cool! I'd be so excited!