Time of day?

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Time of day?

What is a good time of day to shoot outdoors to get the best light with the least risk of overexposure?

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i'd say morning or evening. It just depends on where you are I guess. About 1-2 hours before the sun goes down is usually a good time. Or in the morning before the sun is at its highest. Smile just depends on where you are and how the sun is there.

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for me, it's about 1-3 hours before sunset. so the sun sets here around 8ish, so I prefer to shoot around 6:45 or so. that's this week, it will change as the days change.

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My last shoot I shot at one hour before sunset, and I LOVED the settings I was able to use. I would say early morning or evening.

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I totally agree--morning or early evening if it's a full-sun day. If it's a partly cloudy day then you can use more of the day. Of course if you have a great shady spot to use then full sun outside of the shady area would just give you better light in their eyes I think.