Tips for a 4 month old

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Tips for a 4 month old

I am taking pictures of a 4 month old today, both to practice with that age and to play with my new camera. I keep reading that this age is very difficult! I am going to try indoor pics, which I am trying to master but it's hard for me with lighting. I have 5 very large windows plus a sliding glass door so I hope lighting will be okay, but I have tried in the past and have had trouble. I have 10' ceilings so it's hard to bounce the flash off of that. Any ideas? Trying to read all I can on positioning and seeing how I can use something to bounce light...we'll see.

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You can angle your flash so that you bounce it off one of the windows and get as much light in.

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i never bounce off the ceiling. i use the wall to the side or the wall behind me. if you can't bounce, try a diffuser. they're pretty cheap.

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I'd say just get him/her as close to the window as possible! I don't have any ideas for poses, just wanted to say good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with!!