Tips for shooting a newborn?

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Tips for shooting a newborn?

We hired someone to do NB shots for us, but we both want to try our hand at some shots on our own (if this baby ever decides to show up). We have a few textured blankets, some baskets, I think a roll of black and a roll of white seamless (not sure what we would put it on, since we don't have a stand), some lights and tripods, remote triggers and a gorgeous park as well.

Any suggestions for getting good photos? How do you get the sleepy baby? I know they are pretty mushable early on as well, but any posing tips would be great.

I really want to get great photos of my daughter when she gets here.

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I did my last baby's NB shots on a beanbag with black fleece cover/backdrop in front of my bedroom window when she was 3 days old. Although I have learned a lot since then and have upgraded from point and shoot to DSLR, I still like them. Since she was my first newborn to photograph, plus my own child and I was alone, I just nursed till she was out, layed her down and postioned her, patted and shushed and snapped. Then repeated the process hen she stirred. I also turned off the fan and AC about 15 minutes before the shoot, so the house heated up to about 85 in no time (had to cut the shoot short so I could turn the AC on before we hit 90)

Here are a few in the siggy I made for her!

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hey Erica! I hope your LO gets here soon! We are on the same birthboard.

This is a site about natural light that I looked at that helped me get good lighting for Cooper's newborn pics. You have to join the message board to look at it but its free to join and its some great info!

With Cooper I took some when he woke up then I got him back to sleep. I let him just fall asleep with his daiper on and when he got to good asleep I just took the diaper off and put him in position. He pretty much stayed asleep while moving him around. A couple of times he would kind of wake up but I would just sing to him and he would go back to sleep.

As far as something to put the rolls of paper on I am not sure what to tell you to do. I made a stand out of PVC pipe and used a black sheet for the black background and I used a white blanket for the white background.