Tips for shooting toddlers (plus a pic just for fun)

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Tips for shooting toddlers (plus a pic just for fun)

I need tips for getting toddlers to cooperate. How do you guys keep them still for 2 seconds to get your shot??

All of my pics of my DS1 look like this... ROFL

I try to give him little tasks, but the kid just has a short attention span. Suggestions?

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Your son is just a month younger than mine, and I so rarely get any shots of him looking at the camera. He is not quite as much of a mover as my daughter was at this age (though he does get around, just not non-stop), but there's something about the age where they have no interest in and patience for a photo-taking mommy.

The only time things work for me is if I've figured out the shot I want to take beforehand and then plunk him in the spot I want him to be, take one shot, pray he looks at the camera, and then we're done.

DD is 4 and is much more cooperative, so there is hope!

I know other people have a LOT more success than I do at getting their kids to look at the camera, so I'm sure you'll get some great advicee.

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Bribery Smile

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I make really stupid noises Wink Doesn't usually get a smile, but at least he looks at me for a second LOL! For Carson, I use bribery. "Let me take this picture, and I'll give you xyz." Jackson doesn't get that quite yet, but he will soon.

I'll be honest. I don't have a lot of Carson at that age. A lot of the pictures I have of him are just of him being a kid. LOTS of the back of his head. He only recently started letting me take pictures of him, when he got a kiddie camera for Christmas. He saw that I actually sat and posed, and realized that's what he was suppose to be doing. He still doesn't want to do it most of the time, but it made it a little bit easier.

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I agree! I don't think there is ANYTHING you can do to get a toddler to cooperate for photos! I actually read a whole thread on the woes of shooting 1-3 year olds. Lol Owen is 14 months, so you can't really bargain with him just yet, as he doesn't quite understand. He is at the age where he sees my camera and takes off!

Really, I think there isn't really any one particular way to get a good photo of a toddler! I'm under the belief that if you get a great snap of them in their own world, natural and carefree, that will be something more treasured than a "sit here and scowl at me!" photo! So, honestly, most of Owen's pics now are of his profile or the back of his head with ZERO eye contact (i.e. my siggy pic), but I've captured the fun he's having! So, that is just how I am approaching his toddler years. Smile

If you find out something easier, let us know! Haha.

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LOL, yeah I've had a LOT of pictures of the back of his head. :rolleyes: I can't believe bribery has never crossed my mind... I'm going to have to try that out, hahahaha. Wink

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Wait til they're asleep and prop their eyes open with toothpicks.

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lol Amber!

I don't have anything to add. Most of my decent toddler pictures are luck. Right after nap time and a meal I have the best luck! I also try super loud noises, but they usually don't fall for that! A dogs squeek toy has worked for be before too.

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I often yell "POOP!" That only really works with boys over the age of two though. LOL.

(sorry for the post and run, I'm working! Lol

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Seriously, I can't be much help my 2 year old can't stay still, look forward to others suggestions.

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I struggle! My son is starting to improve but my daughter is really difficult. She doesnt look if I call, make noises, dance, jump around etc. Yes, I've tried them all. What I do get is pure luck and she often looks startled