Tired of me yet? More for CC!

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Tired of me yet? More for CC!

I have been BUSY! I was asked to do a newborn photo shoot. She was well aware I am not a newborn photographer. She is family, not close, but close enough. LOL! She allowed me to practice. It was HARD work....man oh man I worked my butt off. We had to move around like crazy! Let me know what you think of these first two I have edited please. I used my speedlight on all these. I just bounced it off the window to my left that was behind me. ISO- 500, F/3.5 or so.


B&WorCOLOR_web by sadieruth, on Flickr


DSC_0533_web by sadieruth, on Flickr

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I LOVE the first one!! I can't decide if I like the color or B&W edit better... Smile The catchlights are great!

In #2 the motion blur of his hand bothers me. The orange fabric seems kinda shiny or glowy, but that might just be me.

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Sadie, I agree, it is TOTALLY work to try to get these newborns looking cute!

I really like that wrap you have in #1 and I think I prefer the conversion over the color version for this one!

In #2 I agree about the motion blur on the hand ... I think focus fell on the hat, but face doesn't look too soft. Slight color variation from 1 to 2 that I am sure you see!

Can't wait to see more!

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To me, #2 hand is not motioned blurred, just slightly OOF. Doesn't bother me. But my fave is the converted #1. What were your shutter speeds?

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I really prefer the conversion in #1 too. Very nice work!

I love #3 too, but I had to put my hand over the orange stripe on the left before I could really tell if I liked it or not. It's too visually distracting for my peasly brain! Biggrin But once I was just looking at the picture itself, I really like it!

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Awww! All of these newborns/babies are giving me baby fever! Must.hold.out for now!

LOVE the black and white of the first one!! Like, love love love it! Smile The second looks like baby's face is purple/blue/magenta. Of course, I'm not calibrated, so I could be off. And just wish that little hand wasn't right in front of his/her face.