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Toddler for CC

I was asked by an old high school friend to take his son's 2 year photos. This boy is just adorable and I had a blast!

It started great. I had some beautiful shade and was getting good photos. Then we went out to the open shade where there was direct sun behind him. I'm having a heck of a time editing those photos!! I just can't seem to get good exposure on the boy without getting the background crazy.

First time using the 24-70 and really like it so far. The focus and clarity are just amazing! With chasing an active 2 year old, it was nice having the zoom.

Learning and loving Lightroom. I am having some difficulty getting really good/clean cleanups on the face and backgrounds. Cloning isn't as nice as in photoshop either. All in all, I think I'm doing alright. Just wish I could keep simple edits, but that requires good exposure SOOC Wink

Any how, here are 3 I've worked on and really like. Give it to me...PLEASE!!

38mm 1/125 2.8 500

43mm 1/125 2.8 500

Having trouble editing this one. While I was able to recover all the blown areas, the color is just off....any suggestions?
34mm 1/800 2.8 200

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What a doll! Look at those eyes!

1. I like this one. This is my fav. I have to say his eyes look great here!
2. Honestly, the bg is distracting to me, but that might just be me. The focus seems to be more on his shirt??
3. The color just seems a tiny bit pink? I could be totally wrong though. This one is sooo cute!

Can't wait to see more!

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These are really cute!

1. I love the eyes in this one. Wondering what is behind his right ear, though; that white spot is a bit distracting. Any chance you could clone that out?
2. Sweet, but he looks a little like he's staring into space to me, and really zoned out, which doesn't do anything for me emotionally looking at it.
3. I suck at PP / colour stuff (hence my asking for advice earlier this week!) but it sure is a cute smile/expression. I like this one a lot!

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Wow, this past weekend was BUSY! I didn't have a good chance to come back on here once I posted.

Thanks Sadie and Tracy for the feedback!! It's always great to have other eyes on a photo.

Totally hear you, Tracy, about the white spot. I gave it a go by trying to darken it, but didn't have any luck. I was trying to do complete edits in lightroom and just need to take it into photoshop to do some cloning.

See, I liked #2 :/ Wish I had stronger eye contact, but guess it doesn't float everyone's boat. Sadie, if I darkened the background a bit, would it make it a bit better? Or are you guys just not fond of it in general. Totally see now that I caught focus on the colar of his shirt instead of his face Sad

#3 definately looks too pink here at work. But, at home it looked pretty good. I'll have another look at it when I get home.

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Glad to hear you are enjoying the new lens so much!

1. WOW! Look at those eyes. Exposure looks crisp and focus looks spot on. You might try burning the bright spot behind him a bit, but otherwise this is a great shot.

2. the only nit pick I can find in this one is the finger chop, but everything else looks so great that I don't mind it at all. The composition brings me right to his adorable face. For some reason, when I see him here I think "Dennis the menace" Smile

3. he looks pretty pink here. if you cna't get the skin tone right, this might be a good candidate for b&w conversion. Great expression and it's cool to see your reflection in his eyes.