too bad to give to client?

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too bad to give to client?

I upped my ISO to 3200. I used noiseware, and I am wondering if it's still too noisy?
DSC_0962_ue_filtered copy 2_4x6_web

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Oh, I don't think so at all! Of course I can't view it full size but it looks fine to me. Lovely shot!

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Looks good to me.

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I haven't looked at it on the computer screen, yet so I can't say anything about the quality. I did want to say that if you give it to her, maybe just mention that it won't print out well in a large size.

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at this size, it looks pretty good. I agree w/ Steph - just make sure she knows it won't print at large sizes.

Very nice recovery on your part (& a very pretty subject as well).