Trick or Treat - JMK

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Trick or Treat - JMK

Just sharing some photos from our Halloween. This was Nathan's 2nd time out trick or treating...but the first time where he actually walked up to the houses and kind of knew what to do. um...kind of. LOL

It was a photographic challenge to say the least. Boy did I try to work that flash...bouncing off everything from garage doors to people's cars. The first one is the "portrait"...the rest are from our evening out.

IMG_4800 copy web

IMG_4829 copy web

IMG_4849 copy web

IMG_4868 copy web

IMG_4848 copy web

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Nice costume!!!

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Awwww, he's sooo cute! Love the costume!

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very cute!!!!! I really love your captures. and I will confess to feeling jealous ... I felt like crappola last night so I got NO pictures of my kids. I didn't even have the energy to put Jack in his costume and take him to a house or two, as I had planned. I did snap pictures before a party we went to, but they're still on my camera. I will have to live vicariously between you and everyone else. Smile

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Awesome pictures! And so cute!

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Love #1 and the last one, how he's handing the candy through the gate, so LA! Great job!

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These are great! I busted out my speedlight for a few halloween parties this weekend. When I don't use my speedlight I usually push the shutter down half way to lock focus and then take the pic. I found that in really low light I had trouble getting the camera to lock focus even though once the flash went off there was plenty of light for the actual pic. Does this make sense? Do you have this problem? If not what am I doing wrong? I was using my 24-70 2.8L lens so I don't think it was a lens quality issue.

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Yes, this is a problem with any auto focus because the auto focus needs to find a source of contrast to lock focus. When there is not enough light, even things that have strong contrast normally lack contrast. A couple of times I had to find something near my subjects that had really high contrast (like a candle or something) to lock focus and wait for my subject to reach that item.

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those a great, I got barely nothing with Evan and my favourite one has his face half in sun/half in the shade grr

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Awe.... so cute!

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AWWWWW! How precious!!! Is he roaring in that first one??



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WOW, you rocked that speedlight. You did awesome. His outfit is adorable. Great captures of the evening!

Do you mind sharing your settings? I am clueless with my speedlight. Sad

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He's so adorable!! I love his costume!

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Loving the ones while you were out. I really need to get a new flash!