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What are you tricks for getting kids to look at the camera!!?? I can NOT get any kids to look at my camera. I try holding a toy, or I make a funny noise...but nothing seems to work!
Any good tricks you guys use? Or is it just luck...hahaha

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Amber showed her lens buddy once. is that what its called. basically a scrunchy with some eyes or something that slips over your lens. With Alana I have a new trick. We're practicing our faces during the week and then when I try to take her picture on the weekends I say give me your sad face, now give me your happy face. She loves its and I love it too. Oh and I always tell her about the birdie in my lens and tell her look at the birdie can you find it.

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I have two approaches: reverse psychology, or totally ignoring them. Sometimes the "don't look at me" or "don't you smile" bit works, and when that doesn't I go silent and just wait. When it's no longer a game or power control thing they loosen up. You get much more natural expressions too.

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I wish I had some tricks. Oh man, I was trying to get 21 month pics of the girls today. That was a JOKE! They HATED the outfits, didn't want to be near eachother. Then they wouldn't look at me. DH was standing behind me trying to get them to smile, but all of the pics where they are facing me they are either looking to the side of me or above me... wherever DH was standing and making them laugh. take two is tomorrow morning.

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I try to make the shoots fun for the kids, and sometimes hide oyster crackers or mini marshmallows inside props for them to find. If makes it a better experience and I can generally catch a few delighted expressions and glances my way.

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Ooooh, some great ideas! I'm trying to get a 9 month picture of my son, and so far it is proving to be a disaster!

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Have you tried putting your camera on a tripod and activating your shutter with a remote? You could then stand near your camera, pull out all the stops, and then press the remote whenever a smile comes out. As long as you're close to your lens, it will still look like they're looking at the camera.

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I wish I had some good tricks. Might have to try some of these. My son refuses to look up unless he wants my pic taken and my daughter does the cheesiest "cheese" face complete with sound effects as soon as she sees the camera. I spend a lit of my time running around trying to get in a position to see their faces. Doesn't make it easy if I wanted them up against a particular backdrop

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I'll sing a song from TV to get their attention, I ask the parents what their favorite TV show is. Other than that I show them that there's a bug in the camera and ask if they can see it. Or yell dog, that one usually only works once though Smile

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My trick is to not bother trying to get them to look at the camera, lol! I am a huge fan of kids doing their own thing and looking natural. If I really want the younger 2 to look at the camera, I put the camera on a tripod, give them the wireless remote and put them in roughly the right place. Not only are they looking at the camera, but they are usually smiling, lol!

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If it's an older kid, I get them to tell a joke. Rylee is more difficult. I'll get her to look for the monkey in my lens. I'll tell her a silly joke, make noises, etc. 9 months is hard and I don't think I have advice for that age!

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Animal sounds? That used to work for my little boy- but he's got wise to that now haha

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My dd is 3 1/2 now, so it's turned into me making lots of goofy noises to make her laugh, asking her to say a funny word, or reverse psychology. When she was smaller, it was a lot easier....she hates my camera now....

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Ever since I got my older boy a kiddie camera for Christmas, he's been looking and smiling at my camera. I guess seeing that mommy looks and smiles at the camera, too, did the trick for him Wink

Now my younger boy...whole other story. Nothing I do can get him to look!