A trip to the pumpkin patch (CC Please)

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A trip to the pumpkin patch (CC Please)

I haven't had the time to do some editing or cropping on these, they were taken on the auto setting on my camera and there is clearly a lot of work to be done, I just wanted to share and get some advice on cleaning them up before putting the work into it.

The sun was in a bad spot in this one and my younger daughter was just not in the mood to have her picture taken.

This one I know how I would like to crop, take a bit off the top and right side but I feel it seems a bit dark too, I want it a bit brighter but not end up having it washed out or killing the nice glow. Again this was taken with the auto setting on my camera.

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I like the first one better because as you said with the second, brightening it up may (probably) will blow out her face and coat because of the harsh light to begin with. #1 will edit up nicely if you bring out some of the orange in the pumpkins and the other colours. Where are they looking? I can't tell if its at your or not Lol Just a thought for next time, you said the sun was in a bad position but you could've tried moving a bit more to the right and seeing how the light would 've been and then that might also get the cars out of the image. Smile

Keep at it!!

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These are cute pics! I agree with the CC on #1. The sun haze doesn't bother me much, it's kinda nice, but if you'd have moved a little to the right you'd get it in a better position and also get rid of the cars, etc.

For #2, I do love that glow too, so maybe you could create a brightening layer and then erase/mask back in the parts that are already bright enough so they don't get blown.

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I agree with the CC you already have, but I will add my CC anyways!

1. The sun isn't bad here. I agree about stepping to your right so you could have caught a better angle. Angles are something I am working on lately, b/c I find that by changing the angle, you can change SO much.

2. Angle here too. I think if you would have bent down and got to her level, it would have made for a better photo.

Taking the step to manual will make your photography grow to a whole new level. It's scary, but SOOOO worth it! Keep posting!

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Good CC already, pretty much exactly what I would say!

Great job for getting out there and posting!!! It's THE-BEST way to learn Smile

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What are you using to edit? If you had shot in manual on that first one, you could have closed up your ap some to keep that sun from being so bright. The second one would be a lot stronger with eye contact ... and her right side is blown, so this one really won't print well, even if you clean it up. But she really is so cute with her little pumpkin.

Practice is good ... and don't be scared of going manual, it's a great way to learn!

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I've always wanted to go manual but stupid me was into mega-pixels and not features when I bought my camera, the closest you get to manual is programmable which is still very automated, but definitely more of an improvement over auto. I was playing in the dark with my cat last night adjusting the exposure getting some decent (but far from great pictures), I'll have to play with it some more.

I think you ladies have some great points in the CC. In the first I definitely thought of moving to the right but the little one was not having it.

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Amanda, I know how you feel about Natalie not being in the mood, when Emily was little she used to love looking into the camera and giving me the most incredible smiles but now that she is close to 2 she is not having it. I just try to click away and hope I will catch a face that at least doesnt look mad.

I'm not good at editing so I can't help there and others gave you a good CC already. I would just say, keep clicking away, try manual mode, you can do it around the house when your girls arent even dressed up, just to see what you get. I took a ton of pic of Emily running around in her PJs in the moring with messy hair, just to see what I get from different settings in manual. Since we are shooting in digital now its not like we are wasting film, we can take hundres of photos just to practice and then just delete them.