trying out bubbles (pic heavy) share

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trying out bubbles (pic heavy) share

Wow, bubbles are pretty much THE most frustrating thing I have ever tried to photograph!! It took me 2 evenings' worth of attempts to get it (almost) right. I've always just thought they were sooo pretty.

But it was fun watching Eva while I did it!

Flash was on here but I like the effect it made with the blurred/colored reflections!

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LOVE these! I love Eva's face as she is blowing the bubbles! So cute. It may have been hard, but I think you did a great job.

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I love these.

The second last one is my fave. What is reflecting in them? It makes them rather interesting.


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Thanks! I think they look like floating jewels. I love the bubble-bokeh in #2 even though the subject-bubble is slightly oof. If that bubble had been perfect I thought #2 would be good for the bokeh challenge. Oh well.

I was also inspired by (I think it was Jeffniner's) the bubble photo from a few months ago! Smile

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These are GREAT! I may have to try and bribe Loli into blowing some for me now. :+)

My faves are #3 and #7.

The bokeh in #3 is really nice and smooth. Is that a bird house or something in the background? LOVE IT!

She just looks so cute in #7! So intense in her efforts!

Would you mind sharing some of your settings? How fast do you need your ss to catch these guys before they pop? What lens were you using. I am really impressed w/ the bokeh.


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Thanks! I forgot to answer you Cazz, that most of them seem to have been reflecting a double-image of my house and/or my neighbor's house; plus the sky and sometimes my head. lol

Thanks GiGi! #7 kept saying "unavailable" so I replaced it--I hope it's the same one--I couldn't remember and I used the URL that doesn't show the filename so I hope I figured out which one it was...

The red thing in #3 and the last pic is actually the top of our other neighbor's cabin/house that he built in his backyard! I don't know what you call that thing that sticks up but it's kind of like a little mini bell tower without a bell, if that makes sense, and it has a fancy weathervane on top.

I used my 50mm 1.8 for these. All but one were manual setting, and it was insane trying to get them focused. If I'd known about back-button focus I might have tried it then! lol

The settings for #3 were 1/160, f/2, ISO 400 (it was early evening and cloudy)...I had to constantly adjust my settings as I went along because the light would change or the bubbles would move faster. I tried out the sports setting too for some of them (not these ones), and creative auto on the one flash pic.

The settings for #7 were 1/400, f/2, ISO 400.

The 2 that are facing a tree & sky (#10 and 11) were 1/80, f/5, ISO 200...

I actually have just uploaded another set of bubble pics that I haven't finished working on, so I might share a couple more here....I'll try not to pick as many as the first time! but I can tell it's the newer set because so many more of them are in good focus! Smile

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Amy, you did SOO much better than I did!! I love the second to last one. The bokeh is just lovely with the bush in the background.