TTC update (OT, but I don't post anywhere else)

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TTC update (OT, but I don't post anywhere else)

I had my follow up appointment to go over my bloodwork and U/S from a few weeks ago. Yep, it's PCOS plus some insulin resistance, just like I've suspected for years, but others docs wouldn't investigate unless I lost tons of weight - I'm 6ft tall and large framed - I'm going to weigh more than the average woman. Geesh. Plus, I did the whole lose 10% of your body weight (I lost nearly 20% actually) thing last year and we still didn't get PG.

So, doc put me on Metformin, which I was going to ask for but he beat me to it. He's giving me about 2 months to get used to it and then we'll add Clomid. I soooooo hope all I need is Met and a little Clomid. I really want 2011 to be THE year I can finally photograph my own newborn.

Anyways, had to share the excitement of having a plan and putting it into action. Thanks!


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That is exciting news. I hope it happens for you asap!!

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Good news for a plan! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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I'm glad you've found a doc who will work with you! I'll keep my fingers crossed too that this is YOUR year! And goodness knows you would ROCK those newborn shots. Smile


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I'm so glad you finally have an answer! That is the worst part... the not knowing. Good luck and I hope this is the year for you!

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Sounds like you have a great doctor. That stinks that it wasn't found out sooner, I think that using the weight excuse is lame when it comes to trying to find out what's really going on.

TTC is so much harder than it should be, isn't it? My fingers are crossed that 2011 is YOUR year!

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Thanks girles.
I've been on a half dose of the metformin for a week now and I think I'm ready to up the dose. I'll be glad when the side effects from starting it are over. I'm also ridding myself of stress. I almost quit my job today. Scary, but sort of liberating. I'm hoping by next week I can have a better long term out look on that, or I'll be doing photography full time. It's a win-win. Right? LOL

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Lauren hoping that 2011 is your year!

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Wishing you the best of luck. I hope this is your year! I agree about the worst part is over- not knowing. KUP!

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Good luck to you! Smile