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Two for CC

I'm still just pracitising on my cherubs. Today we actually had a nice day AND the time to get outside. I'd love some CC on these. Minimal pp editing (my son just had (c) added and nothing else).

I can see their faces are grey. Is this because of the light? My settings? Combination?

Be tough. I can take it. And I need it!!

56mm / SS: 1/200 / Av: 5.6 / ISO:100

IMG_7703wm by Gem_D, on Flickr

53mm / SS: 1/160 / Av: 5.6 / ISO: 100

IMG_7692edit1wm by Gem_D, on Flickr

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I'm no pro but it looks like they are in some pretty direct sunlight because of the shadows on #1 and all the light on the grass. Direct sunlight is hard to work in because if you get the lighting correct on their face, the grass is overexposed. I usually try to get into the shade of a big tree so that the grass surrounding them is shaded too. Maybe warming the photo up a little would get rid of the gray? They are cute little kiddos and the pics are cute.

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These are pretty good considering the bright sun! They are blown in a couple areas, and I think the gray must be because their faces are shadowed by the sun? I don't think it's too noticeable, though. I like that they both sort of match as far as comp goes. Great job!

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Good job considering the sun! For the first one, it would have been helpful if you would have moved his body more toward the fence. That way you wouldn't have the bright spot on his face and arms. You'd have a more even backlit shot, like you have in #2. I still see a tiny bright spot on the face in #2, but I'm sure you could clone that out easily.

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I agree, for bright sun, #1 is the better one. I would agree with finding a shade tree and redoing this. The bright sun makes it so hard to work with.

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Thanks ladies, you were very nice. I expected more canning of them - I was steeling myself for it Wink . I actually waited until about 3pm-ish but it was still very bright (sunset bit after 6 at the moment but we had to go out). It was in our backyard and we have one tiny tree that currently doesn't have any leaves on it. Doesn't make for much shade. We might try this out at the park the next nice day we have (it is back to raining now).

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I don't have anything to add CC-wise, but they are sure cute!

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I don't mind the lighting at all, except that their faces have green-yellow casts on them. Otherwise, I like them!

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