Two Gorgeous Babies

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Two Gorgeous Babies

Saxon is 12 weeks old now and almost bigger than his older brother.

And Spike is Turning 2 in March and has almost forgiven me for bringing home his brother.

Thanks for looking Biggrin

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awwww how CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Look at those eyes! Love the focus and how did you manage to get them to look at the camera? Smile

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ahhhhhh, so stinkin' cute! TFS!

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Um, in the world did you get them to hold still AND look at the camera?! You must be the dog whisperer!!!! ROFL

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My dog is so much easier to photograph than my kids. He just sits there, and all you have to do is say the word 'treat'. Wink

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Oh, my ... what ADOREBLE babies!!!!!

Saxon's eyes are the kind that would melt me right ot butter! I love the super shallow DOF here, it draws me right to those chocolate eyes.

And look a sweet Spike! I love that I can see your reflection in his eyes! He looks like all he wants is for Momma to put down the camera and cuddle. Smile

TFS, Cazz!


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They are both ADORABLE!!! Great photos and great catchlights!

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Beautiful catchlights. Almost makes me wish I had furbabies to work with.

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Thanks guys. I love them to bits.

One word that makes them still as statues.......FOOD! I practically have to place it on the lens but it makes them sit still Biggrin

Ugh those eyes are deceiving. I have almost changed Saxon's name to Cyclone a few times but DH wont let me Biggrin

Yeah Spike is Mummy's boy through and through!

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Adorable pictures, I love how you got the pair of them in a similar pose.