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two more

So do you think this is a case of mommy goggles?

And another one of just Max, inspired by Kelly.

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your kids sure are cute!

here's my thoughts on the first one ... it's cute, but I really wish her eyes were looking at him or at you. I'm not sure WHAT she's looking at, and that distracts me from the overall feel of the picture. that's just me though. but I'm lovin' the shot otherwise!

and Max is a cutie!! love that you were inspired by Kelly, it sure is an adorable "pose" (that I think now I have to try Wink )

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I totally agree Gwen. There is something that I really don't like about it even though I really want to like it because it has both kids in it!

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cute!!! Biggrin i love his smile in the first one..just adorable Smile i too wish she was looking at him or at you but it doesn't matter much. its still a great shot!

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"stampasaurus" wrote:

I totally agree Gwen. There is something that I really don't like about it even though I really want to like it because it has both kids in it!

I totally get this! I think it's cute, but with her looking away there is a disconnect. Now that you have your floor, just set up another shoot!

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I think the first one is cute, but I agree with the other posters. It's to bad she isn't looking at the camera or at Max. I think it's a great picture non-the-less though. Your kids are just too cute to think anything less! Smile

Max is so darn cute! I love this picture and I LOVE your floor!

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Oh I like # 1 a lot!

#2 is my fave though and I still love thos glasses Biggrin

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I think the first one is adorable. It almost looks like she's giving zoobers (blowing) on his head! Biggrin I too wish she was looking in a different direction though.

LOVE #2. He can NOT be any cuter!

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Awww, I see through the mommy goggles, too, though. I think we do quite often. Smile I think it's still a cute shot, definitely. And the one of Max is perfect! I love his little toes hanging and not quite reaching the floor.

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You've already got great CC, but I want to add...there is something off with the background in both pictures, but especially in #2. There is a shadow around Max, and the rest just looks a touch uneven.

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So sweet! I agree with all the CC you've been given--and I noticed the background thing too--almost like there is a crinkle in your seamless?

LOVE the flooring!

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The first one has lots wrong with the background. I had wrinkles in the sheet and was trying to smooth it out. There is also a dark spot behind his chair but after spending a few minutes on it I decided to post and see if it was worth taking the time to fix it up because I was having my doubts. I have decided that was a good move because I am going to scrap it!

Thanks for pointing that out about the second one. Right before I posted I did a levels layer to brighten the background to closer match the color in the first since I was posting them together. I really loosely masked him out which is where the shadow around him is coming from. I think I'll go back to the original since I am scraping the first.

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So CUTE!! my eye was immediately drawn to the flaws in the backdrop as well.

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You crack me up Steph. I love them AND the kids. And no fair...your chair pic is sharper than mine. I think I may go re-take it. Wink