Two shares in one - my gap toothed kid and my backdrop stand

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Two shares in one - my gap toothed kid and my backdrop stand

Thought I'd share both pictures in one thread, since I'm not looking for CC. Wink

My 6 year old lost tooth #4 today (so two top two bottom) and now she has the gap tooth smile. Smile My oldest didn't have that as his adult tooth grew in behind his baby tooth before it came out. His teeth scare me sometimes, we're due for the orthodontist with him! Anyhow, just wanted to share my sweet girl with you.

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And then a quick shot of my new backdrop stand. I need to get the wrinkles out of the fabric, they look awful! I'm going to try the wet towel in the dryer trick first before I get out the steamer. (My steamer leaks it's a huge mess).

I got all of the materials for about $20. I need to get the kids to bed, but I'm happy to come back and share my materials list and sketch of the stand (if I can find where I put it!) if anyone is interested.

Ignore the uneven stitching at the top of the fabric. I suck at sewing a straight line. Given all of the backdrops I have, I will get plenty of practice as I get them all ready to use on the stand. Will have to sew the patterned backdrop last since I don't want to screw that one up. (I'll probably draw the line with chalk and sew on the line, just to get it right)


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I am so happy that you have a stand now. I know you're thriilled. Smile And trying it out on such a sweet little toothless smile is perfect. I love that lil' smile. Smile Very go try out your lens!!!

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That is all kinds of awesome. I would love to know how to make one. Also, did you glue the PVC or just push it together? If you don't have to glue it could you take it apart to store it?

Oh yeah and where do you ladies get your fabric?

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I didn't glue it. I plan to use plumber putty to glue the bottom pieces together for stability. But I want the top to come apart for portability and storage. And I'm going to make the height variable by adding a telescoping feature to it. But for now, I don't plan on photographing anyone tall enough for me to make it taller. That's a future thing, I guess (especially as my almost 8 year old grows :lol:)

I get my fabric at JoAnns. And starting Friday morning, all of their red tag home decor fabric is an additional 50% off. So I'm buying more then. Smile

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wow Gwen. that looks great! and that first picture looks awesome Biggrin wish I had a big enough house to have one of those!

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Fantastic! Loving the gummy grin too!

I actually made a backdrop stand over the weekend too, very similar to yours (with the telescoping feature). Mine doesn't seem overly sturdy though, so will mess about with mine somemore. I also got some fabric for backgrounds and came across 2 problems, creases/wrinkles and the fact that it gets all messed up because my 11 month old crawls on it and rucks it all up. I have been desperately trying to figure out the stand, backdrop & getting to grips with my speedlight & ocf ready for his 1st birthday, but I am thinking I might need to make the move to paper as fabric is NOT working unless it is artic polar fleece (the really thick stuff). I am totally frustrated.

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Loving that grin! She is just adorable!

YAY for a stand. I just drape it over the crib for Ruthie pics, but it won't last too much longer. Wink

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What a cutie she is!! love that first pic.