Ultimate Flashback: Your year in review

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Ultimate Flashback: Your year in review

As we start to close out the year, it's a tradition on this board to look back over our favorites from the year.

I invite you all to dig through your archives and pull out your top pics to share with us. You can post them here on this thread or start a whole new one. It's up to you!

Thanks for playing! I am looking forward to seeing some of my personal favorites from what I have seen you all share over the course of this year.


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I have everyone back in their normal places this week with no vacation, or lay offs, or visitors, so I'm going to see what I can do! I hope I can get it at least halfway done!

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I've never done a year in review thread before, always seem unable to take the time to gather pics. But I'm going to try this time. It may take me a few days to complete this post, but here goes!

January started with some of my favourite Micah pics ever. He was being a complete goof and having so much fun, and somehow I managed to capture it pretty well!

Then we entered birthday season, first Micah on Jan. 20th:

Captured this for a 'hearts' challenge and have loved it ever since, for the way it represents the "Book of Love":

Then Nora's birthday came on Feb. 14th:

The next week I captured this of her, which is quintessentially Nora:

March brought some spring flowers, and I took this one which ended up as a canvas on my wall at home and on a friend's wall too:

Micah and I spent some play time on the Fraser River one day:

Then there was Easter!

Easter included a neat egg hunt with church friends:

In April my brother came to visit:

And in May I did my second-ever photo shoot, for a friend and her girls:

In May we took a family hike to the top of a local mountain:

and had a glorious hot spell which resulted in some sprinkler time:

And I enjoyed the beginnings of spring:

On Mother's Day I got my new 50mm f/1.4 lens and we went for a 'walk for Mom' in the rain:

One day we went to the lake in the rain and had a great time, and I took one of the images that ended up being one of my most successful 'card' images to date, too (the climbing one):

I just love this one of Micah in the spring flowers:

Then I did another shoot where I learned some hard lessons about skin tones, which have helped me immensely through the rest of the year:

Went to the bird sanctuary:

In June I did another photo shoot for friends, with better results. This shot is hanging on a canvas in their living room now:

and I loved this one:

Before we knew it, Kindergarten was over -- this is her last day looking at her scrapbook:

Seriously crazy kid here:

Really loved this one:

To end June, I took prom pics for a friend:

July, school's out, time for family, friends, and fun -- and flowers:

We went to Whistler overnight with my brother's family and my parents:

Whistler 2013

And visited Fort Langley:

Spent time with my brother's family before they went back to Hong Kong:

An all-time favourite (am I perverse in liking some of these sad faces so much??!!):

and this one too:

In August we enjoyed some time at the local fair:

and Micah started soccer:

Took in the local air show:

Went to Britannia Beach on a Sunday afternoon:

September started with a date to the national exhibition (fair) just with DH, on a very busy day:

and we went to Mt. Baker on the Labour Day weekend:

Nora's first day of school:

And Micah and I went to the lake:
Cultus Lake

and found our awesome abandoned gas station on the way back:

Nora and Micah enjoyed a last September heat wave at the beach one day after school:

and Nora learned how to play checkers and do the monkey bars:

In October, before the beautiful Minter Gardens closed its doors forever, I found some magic there:

Got a couple of macros I loved:

Did my first 'stranger shoot'!

And a fall shoot with my own kids:

Micah and I got to spend time in Nora's classroom:

Took a shot of Micah's blue eyes!

Then came Halloween:

In November I got kind of a neat shot of the valley in the fall:

And did a photo shoot for friends. The family pic is going on a canvas for Christmas:

Got the kids doing crafts:

And DH with his Mowember moustache:

In December I transformed this photo to a 'painting':

We celebrated my dad's birthday and retirement:
Retirement & Birthday Celebrations

Enjoyed the first snowfall:

And now we're TRYING to get ready for Christmas, when health permits.

Whew! That's a lot of photos! Sorry so many!!!

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Tracy, you had a fabulous year!!! What really sticks out to me are the landscapes. Utterly amazing! And that family shot in front of the mountain? Wow!! I remember so many of these, and I'm so proud of how far you have come!

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Thanks so much, Steph, that means a lot!

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Tracy- you are such an inspiring photographer. I love looking at your captures of your kids and your nature photography as well. You have grown a lot this year, especially with portrait photography. Your landscapes always amaze me.