Ummm...I guess I'm calibrated? LOL

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Ummm...I guess I'm calibrated? LOL

Okay, I just got Spyder 3 Express and used it last night. I had to get a new computer a few weeks ago, and things look so much brighter on this than they used to look on my old laptop. I figured I might as well go ahead and calibrate now before I got too used to the way things look on here anyway. I guess I was expecting some incredible difference, but I didn't really notice much to be honest. I mean, when I switch back and forth between calibrated and uncalibrated, I could see a slight difference but nothing too earth-shattering, kwim?

So I suppose that means my lack of any ability to spot skin tone issues is a matter of needing to train my eyes, not calibrate my screen. Darn!

What about the brightness factor? My siggy pic, for example? The grass looks soooo bright to me now (didn't look that way when I edited it on the laptop). Does it look super bright to you all? Do I need to tone down the brightness of this monitor or something? Or do you think it was the uncalibratedness (haha) of the old laptop that I used to edit on? Any ideas?

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Her skin looks a touch green to me, and the grass is vibrant...but I see no need to tone it down.

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my monitor is very bright. I turned down the brightness after getting some prints back so that it was more true to what it should be. I know the Spyder says to set your monitor to default settins when you calibrate, but I don't do that anymore. And I noticed that when I calibrated my new monitor (well, it's a year old now, but it was new when I first got my Spyder) that there wasn't much of a difference. It does drift over time, so I recalibrate every month to avoid the drift getting worse. If you had calibrated your old laptop, you would have seen a bigger difference. I know I did with my old laptop!

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Thank you both so much!

I see the green now. I guess I'm glad I can see what you're seeing...I just wish that I could see it on my own!

Maybe I will adjust the brightness of the monitor a bit. I'll have to compare to some of my prints and go from there I guess.

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I got a new computer and got calibrated a little while ago and the first thing I thought when I looked at it was, omg, the grass in neon. It doesn't look that way on my mac, but I've had some prints from whcc, and the calibration is correct. Cute siggy pic btw!

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Thanks, Lauren!