Up on the roof and a few more.

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Up on the roof and a few more.

After trying to log in all day I just made a new account. Hoope I can figure this out so I can go back to my old one.

All pics were taken today and are all SOOC. Sorry so many just wondering which to edit and which to pass on.

1.I know she is underexposed but I was trying to get the star effect while only using a small aperture. My question with these roof top shots is what the heck are the spots in my photos? Is that just sun flare on my lens cause it is driving me crazy. Going to retake these but just figured some of you could tell me what I am doing wrong?


3.The sky was really this blue.

4.The bus! the brokedown one that I promised myself that one day I would get the guts and go take pics in it. I live in WI and even though it was nice today it was still only about 50 degrees out so she braved the cold.





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I do believe that the spots you are referring to are part of the lens flare. If you have a lens hood, it should help. (at least that's my understanding)

I really like the sunbursts, and what a beautiful blue sky. Smile #3 is really cute. That one and #5 are my favorites I think. She's a bit too centered in #6 for me, but I like the shot. Her smile is beautiful in #7. And of all of the rooftop pics, the last is my least favorite. I like the angle of her, but the houses are distracting me.

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Yes, the spots are sun flare. You could try a lens hood if you don't like it. Sometimes it adds to the effect of the photo.

#1 is the best of your rooftop shots. I think that I would embrace the underexposure of your subject, and create a silhouette instead of just having her underexposed. That, or you could get some sort of flash or maybe a reflector (thought it might not be enough) to brighten her up. It's a tricky shot, because you're shooting into your light source (backlighting). When you do that, it's about impossible to expose for both your subject AND your background without some sort of help. Love the starburst that you captured in them! I got really obsessed with catching that on the Christmas tree this year Smile

#3 - She looks a bit washed out, but I think it's a really cute shot! I think with a little bit more processing, you could get her to pop some more.

The bus shots: I just don't think that the outfit is working for me with this location. Again, I think you could push your processing further than where they are. I think if you were to do that, the outfit might work better for me. Maybe some sort of funky edit. She's just a little model, isn't she?? I think that the poses are nice. I like the angle on #4.

I'd have to say that I like your comp on all of these. I think that my summary would just be to work on your PP. Smile And good for you for getting out and finally shooting in a place that you've always wanted to! It's always great when you finally realize your vision Smile

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Danielle, I agree with the distracting houses. I was only brave enough to let her go on top of the garage roof lol. The whole time I was freaking out telling her to back up but then she reminded me that our shed was only 2 feet below her. I still freaked out lol!

Stephanie, my dream outfit for the bus would be a large white ruffled dress and cowgirl boots. That is my real vision. We will be going back for sure!
I am on page 200 of Scott Kelby lightroom 3, editing is not my thing. I might look for a class to help me with editing. As for her being washed out now that I go back and look I can see how her forehead is darker. Would I just darken the exposure on her face? Sorry newbie at editing.
Oh and yes she is a model lol. That's why I always steal her when trying something new with my camera cause I know as far as posing it will be right in camera. If anyone lives near a kohl's store she is on the back wall in the girls dept right now.
When she goes to shoots all the moms are watching their kids model but i'm just watching the photographers and dreaming of the setups they are using:)

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Wow, you have your own little model?! She's really beautiful!

I agree with Steph that about working on your PP a little, because these are really fun, neat shots and you've done a good job with comp in a lot of them; but as I scrolled through I just felt that some additional PP work would really, really make them stand out.

I think my fave is #5, because the elements of that awesome old bus are there, but they don't draw my attention as much as the other shots do, making her the focal point (as it should be!). I think it'd be fun to shoot in that bus again, with a model, and also just the bus itself!

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Thanks Tracy, I did try to play around in lightroom some more. I am sure it will take me months to get the hang of it but I will keep at it.

Here is a edit of the bubblegum shot since it is a fun shot I don't mind it looking a little un-natural.

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Ok, I have to just agree with everything Steph said. I am late to this and don't have anything else to add. I do think you could have a total blast at editing those bus pics though! Love the last pic!

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That looks like a fun shoot! You got some wonderful pictures.