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this is going to take forever to write since I can only use my left hand. I had a facsiotomy done to relieve the nerves in my hand. My pointer finger and thumb still numb. After finally getting my stitches out my hand made a popping noise and started to swell again, any how this time it tore my skin open where the stitched once were (thankfully I was in a hospital at this point) and it just exploded. Blood everywhere, on the hospital computers, lights, sheets, floor, my mom, me, my hair, you name it. they took me up to another hospital in an ambulance where they confirmed "compartment syndrome" saddest part, I may not ever regain use to parts of my hand. My shooting hand, diaper changing hand, writing hand etc... I'm going to try to fight all odds of this and still take photos, my remote shutter release has just about been my best friend. Point of this was just to ask if you could send some get well vibes or regain use of my hand vibes, I can't loose this, it's my life

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OH MY GOODNESS! I am so sorry! Take care! ((((Healing vibes)))

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Sweetie, I just love you so much and it kills me to see this happening to you. Never would I have imagined something like this happening to you 4 years ago.

I will definately have you and the girls in my prayers. We love you to death girl. lots of hugs!

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You poor thing. I really hope that everything recovers fully. Thoughts and prayers all the way from Oz


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I'm so so sorry. Sad I will definitely keep you in my prayers.

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holy moly, I can't believe it, that just sounds crazy

def sending full recovery vibes, you're determined so I know you'll do it