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Update & Big Share

I know I have mostly been lurking here lately, mostly due to some health issues (medication-induced liver problems from my inflammatory arthritis meds, etc.). I have had energy to take photos but not so much time and emotional energy to participate in some of the boards where I am usually active. Anyway, I thought I`d start coming out of hiding Wink and share some of my recent photos.

I think after having the loaner of my friends`camera with the 50mm portrait lens, I got pretty bummed out about our P&S in terms of taking shots of my kids; and you guys all have such fantastic photos, it made me realize how much I`d like to be able to do with a different camera, AND how much I have yet to learn.

But instead of concentrating on my frustration about portrait stuff with our camera, I`ve been trying to improve some other aspects of my photography and have really been trying hard with landscapes and stuff like that. I`ve also tried out HDR, which I was reluctant to do as I have seen some awful HDR; but I`m finding you can do it naturally and it really is fantastic when done well. So, here`s some of my recent stuff. CC always welcome but not necessary.

1 - Barn at Daffodil Fields, La Conner, WA

2- Discovery Park Lighthouse, Seattle, WA

3 - Daffodil Fields, La Conner, WA

4 - Cherry Blossoms

5 - Woebegone DS

6 - Crocuses

7 - Sumas Mountain, Chilliwack, BC

8 - Flourless Chocolate Cake

I`ve also been working a lot on turning some of my photos into greeting cards, which I`m having some success selling. It`s a lot of fun and a great creative outlet. I won`t share a bunch here, but there are some at GreetingCardUniverse.com if you`re interested.

Thanks for letting me share after a bit of an absence!

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So glad to see your post, Tracy! I LOVE those daffodils photos! I love how the clouds kind of look like smoke coming from the mountain in #7. And the lighthouse...wow! Smile You are doing some amazing work, and you prove you don't need a DSLR to pump out some great images. You're way too hard on yourself. Portraits of children are hard, even for someone with an SLR. Keep your head up!

I hope that you're able to figure out your medication issues.

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So glad to hear from you! These photos are seriously beautiful. Such nice compositions on all of them.

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These are all really nice! I love your landscape ones, #2 is my fav! I would hang that in my house!

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Tracy- I hate to hear about your health issues. You will be in my prayers.

Now, I am going to lay this on hard b/c I feel the need to. I am so sorry you are bummed, so I am going to try my best to lift you up! Your photos absolutely ROCK. Seriously, those daffodil photos and those skies? You don't need a DSLR to rock some photos. You blow me out of the water. The fact that you know your P&S and you have composition and technique down, show you have a true art in photography. Once you get your hands on a DSLR with more settings and more opportunities, you will just show us even more how you have what it takes. You do some amazing work. I want #3 on a canvas HUGE in my house. Lift that chin up hon b/c you are doing awesome!

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I've told you before, but I ADORE your photos. And I love these, too. They are fantastic.

So sorry you've felt cruddy...hopefully you will regain some energy soon. :bigarmhug:

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LOVE!!! My jaw dropped at your scenery pictures. Beautiful! Smile

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Thanks, everyone! It's nice to share some photos again! I feel as though I'm learning a lot about certain types of photography right now, and about processing; and it's great to see results I'm happy with.

Katie, I would like to put #2 in my house too. I was just thinking last night, I have an 11 x 14 frame I got for $2 in my closet just waiting for a photo... I'm pretty sure I'll print it up for that frame. I really love the lighthouse.

Sadie, I was thinking of putting #3 up too, though I probably won't right away. But how can you not love sunny daffodils and blue sky with "Toy Story" clouds, as my husband called them that day?!

Thanks for the prayers and good thoughts about my health. I have an awesome rheumatologist who is right on top of the situation. We're working on it by trial and error at this point, praying for some changes in the right direction soon.

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It so good to see a share post from you again, Tracy! You *do* have an amazing eye and you are totally rocking your p&s!

I hope your health will improve so that you will have lots of enthusiasm for your camera and can share a lot more with us.

Would you be willing to share your editing process for one of these photos? I love the natural effect and would really appreciate to follow along with your technique.

Take care and be well!


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"acarbo99" wrote:

Would you be willing to share your editing process for one of these photos? I love the natural effect and would really appreciate to follow along with your technique.

Are you referring to the HDR stuff I mentioned (the HDR images are #1, #2, #3 and #7)? For the HDR, I use PhotoMatix Essentials ($40) and I usually select the "Natural" mode, or sometimes "Photographic" or, if I really want detail to pop, I will select "Adjusted". But I generally play with the sliders quite a bit in the software, to get the right balance of contrast and brightness, so that it looks natural and not overdone. Unfortunately, since it's mostly done in PhotoMatix, it's difficult to give good processing info unless people are using that software. I usually pull my images into GIMP afterwards, and tweak a little; but 90% of the work is done in PhotoMatix.

For the other photos, I have done a lot of processing of different types lately, just to try things out. For example, the crocuses image is a base layer, a screen layer over top, and then about two or three different layers on top with the crocuses "cut out" out of the center, the edges feathered to 300 pixels, and then the layer set to "multiply" to darken the edges of the image gradually.

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Tracey - WOW! That is really nice work

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Wow Tracey, LOVE how you have come on. If I really had to pick favourites I would say 2, but I also love 3 & 7.

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Beautiful pictures!

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Wowzers! Tracey these are fantastic! I haven't been posting either, but these are too great not to post! Biggrin