Vacation... GASP! Without my Camera!

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Vacation... GASP! Without my Camera!

My DH and I decided to take a last minute vacation to Southern California... and he just about passed out in shock when I announced that I would leave my new camera at home. Instead I grabbed our point and shoot, stuck it on auto and am plannedto enjoy my vacation with my family. I was originally planning to take it, but realized I would 1) worry about anything happening to it, 2) stress out the family by trying to get "good" pictures and 3) be preoccupied with photo opps and lose out on the wonder on my 4 kids discovering new things... The kids and DH were SO THRILLED that we left the camera at home Smile

I will post vacation snaps soon!

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I've totally been there! Sometimes a vacation with just the point and shoot is a nice break! can't wait to see photos! Smile

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OH I almost did that when we went to London and Paris but then thought to myself that I'll probably never go back there again so I took it with me anyway.

That is one hard decision you made! Smile but I'm sure you will have a great time!