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I will probably do another shoot since my lighting and colors are all wonky here, but just a quick share anyway...

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awww very cute! Smile love the colors. OH gosh how I miss those little hearts. They aren't really sold here. Valentine's isn't big here. It's just a joke to Norwegians Lol I love it and miss it though.

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CUTE! Might just be me, but your focus seems off on some of these....

LOVE the glasses filled with candy- cute idea!

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I think you did great, wonderful colours and creative ideas.

Hope you don't mind some CC, on the first set where you have his name and sayings on the hearts I think you could soften the text to blend it in a bit.

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These look AWESOME! Are you going to send them to family?

I'm starting to think of ideas for Loli's Valentines that he sends to his grandmothers. Biggrin


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I love seeing Valentines!