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Have any of you started thinking about Valentines yet?

I thought we could have a thread like the Christmas card thread we did back in December where you can share your Valentine shoots and cards.

I have been using old pictures, but I have started playing with a couple of ideas for Valentines. I'd like to do an 'official' Valentine shoot with Logan, but he's not really into it, so I don't know if that'll ever materialize. Beee

Anyway ... here are the designs I've been playing with:



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Those are great GiGi! I tend to forget about V-day b/c Ruthie's birthday is the 10th, so I am getting ready for her b-day. I started making them last night. I love your last one! Too cute! Love the pink and brown!

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I like the middle one! Maybe this weekend I'll try to get something together for V day!

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I did a quick snap of my kid and here used a free template from ILP... Here is my result! Gigi, is never early to think about Valentines... Smile I like the outline of the 3rd card! And #2, he's such a heart throb!

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These are great ladies! I don't think we will do Valentine's Cards. Although maybe I will get some printed out for our parent's and DH's grandmother. They would get a kick out of them!

GiGi, I really like the last one. I'm also a sucker for brown and pink. What a handsome little man he is! Love the pic in #2!

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I don't usually do Valentine's cards but last year I did do a Valentine "photoshoot" with Eva, when I was still brand-new at doing portraits....I think for fun I will do some again with Eva, if she'll let me, that is....

These are all great! Smile

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DD's birthday is on Valentine's Day, so we never forget it Smile but don't do cards. I love yours, though. The second one is just beautiful -- love the expression in that picture.

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I just took our pictures (minus Andrew, he REFUSES to do it), and will be working on the cards in the next couple of days. tempted to use a template but I might try my hand at something first.

love yours, GiGi, they're nice! that last one is lovely.
El, yours is really cute. I kinda think the "love Brandon" should be on the other side so it flows better, but that's just how I look at it.

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Here is my sad excuse for my first play back in early Jan...
I hope to re-shoot some more this weekend if kids are well!

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Here's mine I just sent off to be printed. I'll sending these out to my clients and family.

valentine by Little Flores Photography, on Flickr