The verdict is in!

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The verdict is in!

I had my anatomy scan yesterday!

IMG_3245 by Stephanie.Miller, on Flickr

And we will be adding another little boy to the crew!

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Aw, you will have THE cutest trio of little boys! Smile That's awesome, congratulations!

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We told the boys about it, and Carson is so in love with the baby already. He will just look at me and give me a great big smile. He started being incredibly gentle with me, and giving the baby lots of hugs. He felt the baby move this morning, and is convinced that him giving hugs is what makes him start moving. He's been asking lots of questions, and I've even got the big one: "How is the baby going to get out of your tummy?" Such a hard one to answer!!

Jackson is excited too, but just wants the baby out NOW! He keeps asking when we're going to the hospital Wink

Here is the announcement I made up to send out to our parents. It was done real quickly in my garage because it was HOT! I was sweating up a storm trying to get these images.

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Congrats Steph! You look amazing! As for the question I go with C-section all day when my kids ask lol

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Congratulations! Wow on having 3 boys!

As for the question, I have always been honest with my Eva about life questions like that (softening it in a way that is appropriate). I don't agree with lying or making up stuff, or being embarrassed, there's no reason to....anyway, what a neat little announcement too! (watch there is a smudge on your side between your arm & side)

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Oh, this wasn't perfect by any means, and just went out to our parents Wink

I think it's harder to tell a little boy (who doesn't have a sister) about how a baby comes out of a woman than it would be a girl who has all the parts. Especially a 5 year old. I just told him that I would go to the hospital and he would come out when it's time, and left it at that for the time being.

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Congratulations Steph! I remember telling my son a watered down version of the truth. He immediately jumped to 'does that mean i came out there too' then hid under the doonas giggling and saying no, no yuck. He was only about 3 so I hadn't expected him to connect the dots so quickly.

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LOL! Smile

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Congrats on having another boy!

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Oh Steph how exciting! I can only imagine the fun with THREE boys! You will be one blessed mamma!

As for the question, Ruthie asks and she says, "The baby comes out of your belly right?" and I just agree. I know the time is coming soon....very soon b/c she asked why in movies do they have their legs up then! Miss observant....

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Congrats!!! We are currently TTC! I hope to be sharing some ultrasound pictures soon also!

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Congrats on adding another boy to the family, the announcement is beautiful.

Natalie asked me the tough question of "how do babies get here?" just the other day. O.o

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CONGRATS STEPH! I can hear the "my 3 sons" theme in my head as I type this. Biggrin

Your two boys are already so much fun, adding one more is just going to make that grow exponentially!

As for the questions ... have fun w/ that! We're on to full details now. *shakes head* They grow up way too fast. But we wanted to make sure that Logan was comfortable from day one asking these things from us. We'd rather swallow our fears and tell him what he wants to know so that he doesn't look for the information anywhere else. Hopefully we're building up trust so he can keep coming to us for answers on all kinds of touchy subjects.

And Nichole ... I hope you get your BFP soon!