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Which version

Which one do you prefer? I think I'm leaning towards the B&W, but at the same time, I like the color, because you can tell more that she's a girl. What do you think? CC if you'd like as well.


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for me colour, those eyes deserve full colour Smile

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I like the colour version too.

CC - Her lips look a tad purple, and I'm seeing a bit of a purple cast on her chin. Nice catchlights!

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I like the color.

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Ditto on the color.

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Another vote for color

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LOL ... guess I'm going to be the maverick and say B&W. But I"m a big fan of b&w so I guess it's not really a surprise. I love your conversion here. And it just screams timeless shot to me in b&w. Smile


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I usually love B&W, and I do love this one in B&W, but those eyes are just TOO adorable to not have them in color. I wonder how it would look in B&W with just the eyes colored?

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I saw b&w. Biggrin The color is great too, but I prefer the b&w.

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B&W for me.

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b&w here

I do like the color too, hard call!