A very challenging session ...

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A very challenging session ...

Months ago I offered a free session to our pediatrician, as she takes great care of my kids (and to me, it seems like she goes beyond what she has to as their doctor). Well, it was put off until now. Her husband is a doctor too, and he has rounds and is on call. There was the chance that the session would get cancelled last minute due to his work.

I scheduled it for 5pm, and I went to the location three days before, just to make sure the light would be good at the same time (that's when I took my antique challenge photo - light was plenty good then).

Well, they were 20 minutes late! Not good when we're talking about the last hour of sunlight. On top of that, it was really cloudy. According to weather.com, those clouds were supposed to roll out and it was supposed to be decent. Nope, didn't happen. And it was COLD!!! So really, it wasn't ideal.

Here's a photo I took of the sky while I was waiting for the, you can see a patch of blue, and I was hopeful that the clouds would move.


The clouds didn't move.

So this session is SUPER CHALLENGING to edit. I had to jack up my ISO, most were taken with at least an ISO of 800, and I was at 1600 for a while. The sun started to tease as it was setting, so I had good light, could lower the ISO, but everyone was ORANGE. Everything is pretty grainy with the noise, Noiseware is really softening the photos. That being said, there still are some decent shots. But some of my favorites really suck when I view them at 100%. It's so frustrating.

Anyhow, I just wanted to share one, as I am very far from being done this set (edited about 40 images in ACR, and I'm just saving them now, I can't finish tonight as I have other stuff I have to get done before I tackle this mess). I have about 15 photos taken in this light, this was when the sun was shining just below the cloud cover. Again, everyone was really orange, so I had to really lower the temp of the WB. I want to make sure the coloring looks good here. The sky wasn't that shade at all, it was definitely more gray. But I'm not sweating that, I only care about the people right now. Please be honest ... and if you have any suggestions on working with crazy noise or orange people, I'd love to know. Wink Thanks!!

Exposure 0.005 sec (1/200)
Aperture f/3.2
Focal Length 30 mm
ISO Speed 400
yes, the parents were supposed to be OOF ... the little boy didn't want to be with his brothers, so he joined them in their OOF corner - I wish I had taken a couple with a smaller aperture to get them all in focus, but I was running out of light quickly. We were on a hill to get the last bit of sun as it was dropping behind the horizon.

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i think it looks really good, can't wait to see more Biggrin

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I think it looks good, too. The contrast is beautiful. I think you could even bump up the blur slightly on the parents and youngest child, for effect, if you wanted (although it looks fine as is, too). I look forward to seeing more photos from the shoot.

I've been thinking about posting a question about session times. I did a freebie last weekend, which I'd hoped to start no later than 10 a.m. The man and his son weren't able to get to my house until after 11 a.m. We shot outdoors with the sun high in the sky, and I was fighting to keep from getting harsh shadows and blown areas in my pics. I still have to download them, so I'm not sure how good they'll be. Anyway, I was wondering how other photographers handle late clients. We are supposed to be able to control a lot of things, but we can't move the sun or stop the earth from rotating!

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Gwen ...

if the others in this set come out as nice as this one, no one will ever know you were fighting the lighting conditions. Smile

Janet ... I think we all come up against that time and again, whether it's with our own family or beyond. I've had 2 shoots in the past 2 weeks, both of which we just couldn't find a common free time other than 2-3pm on bright sunny days. And, like you, I spent the whole time fighting harsh light and obvious shadows. I jumped from shade to shade hoping to find usable light. When people schedule those times with me, I do two things. (1) I tell them up front that the best lighting conditions are early in the morning and late at night (I give them time frames) and (2) I tell them that if they can't meet in that range, then we have to choose a location with open shade (I have 2 places I like to use in those situations). HTH. Beee


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Looks like you did great considering your trials with the light. I totally get that. I thought we would have plenty of light the other night, but it failed on me too. Can't wait to see more!

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I really like the photo! I can imagine the frustration with the light, but I think you handled it very well Smile