vintage look photos for CC

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vintage look photos for CC

Howdy Everyone ...

This week is spring break for my boy. I'm working most of the week, but I took off half a day on Monday to run some errands and spend some time w/ my little man. I even bribed him w/ a play date at our house w/ his best friend (read: 3 hours solid of video games and ice cream). In exchange, he agreed to give me a short photo shoot.

I *really* wanted to get some nice spring shots for the seasons COTW, but as my luck would have it, we woke up to a cold front yesterday morning and the barefoot in the grass thoughts I had were just not going to happen.

SO ... I switched gears. One of our errands was to pick up lunch to take back to DH's office before heading home for the ice cream/video game extravaganza. And next to our favorite lunch spot is this run down old building that I've been itching to use for a shoot. So ... with a quick stop by wal-mart for some suspenders and pilfering DH's hat collection, we took off for our shoot.

I was going for a Great Depression type feel. I'd love your feedback on whether or not I achieved that look. Any and all feed back appreciated. I'm a big girl and I'm trying ever so hard to get better.

All shots taken w/ my 50mm at 400 ISO (it was overcast as all get out due to the fact that it rained up until 30 minutes before the shoot). Some shots I used my speed light for fill. I still struggle using it.

1. f/3.5 ss=1/200

2. f/4.5 ss=1/200

3. f/4.5 ss=1/200

4. f/3.5 ss=1/200

I know the shoes kinda killed the authenticity of the shoot. :+( The only shoes he had that fit w/ the theme were the wrong color, so I decided to go w/ his sneakers. In retrospect, as I converted so many of these shots to sepia tones, I don't think the shoes being the wrong color would have mattered so much. Next time I'll bring them and at least try to get a few shots with them.

Anyway ... here are a few in others taken in the general area around the restaurant - I especially loved the red door. No CC needed here as these were just for fun and by the time we got to them, Logan had pretty much had enough mugging for the camera. Blum 3



Logan took this one of me. He's getting more and more comfortable w/ my camera. When I eventually upgrade (ha ha ha), I may have to pass this body on to him.




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Your shots are absolutely wonderful, love everything about the actual shots.

My CC is in conversion to sepia, I think the contrast could have been brought down a tiny bit.

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My favorite is #2; I love the poses and what you were going for, and the cool location.

My CC:
#1 is out of focus, appears to have pinlights? (most seem to have pinlights or no light in the eyes)
Initially I felt like there should be more contrast (more "highlights"), but then it may make it look less depression-vintage-y in this case.

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Thanks guys.

Amy ... most of the ones where I used my speed light ended up w/ pin lights. *sigh* I really suck at using that thing. It really helped w/ exposure to the face, but I got the pin lights.

Here's that first one w/out the vintage processing:

It doesn't look OOF to me here, so I guess I need to go back over my processing and see where I took it too far and made it blurry.

I did struggle a bit w/ the contrast. When you bump it up too much, they just look too bright. But maybe I could bump up the contrast and then darken my tint. I'll give it a try when I get home tonight.

Thanks for the feedback guys! I truly appreciate it!


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Gigi these are so awesome! I love the one you last edit - the one without the vintage processing. Do you mind if we play with these photo? He is just so stinkin' cute!

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I LOVE this series! I think #2 is my favorite because I really like all that background texture (which complements rather than distracts from your son). I like both the color and the sepia, although it might be easier to clone his shoes with the sepia.

Your son is a little heartbreaker!!!!

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Play away El (or anyone else who feels inclined to do so)!

Let me know if you want a bigger version as well (PM me, I guess).


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Love #2 and #3! Nice work.

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I think you nailed the depression era feel to the images! The only thing I'd say is what has already been mentioned, that perhaps #1 is a bit soft with the conversion. I love them, though. And the colour ones are neat too -- loving the blue against the red door. Your boy is handsome and has a great smile!

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I love the feel of these pics!

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These are really neat GiGi!

I feel the the outfit doesn't work in color, but totally works in the conversions. I'm really not crazy about the style of PP, BUT I think you nailed the look you were going for with it. #2 & 3 are fantastic shots - easily my favorites.

ETA : Rylan is napping, so I had a play, just for fun! He has the 'don't mess with me' look down! Wink

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#2 has to be on my top fav photos ever! Such a great shot! I don't mind the processing, but I don't mind vintagy photos. Smile My advice for the shoes- just let him go barefoot! You can never go wrong that way!!!

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Oh, Lauren! I love your conversion. Mind sharing your process? That shot is one of my favorites in the set. He just really sells the mood in that one. I didn't do a single b&w conversion. Guess I need to go back through and give it a try to see if I can come close to what you have here.

Sadie ... it was too cold and wet to go w/out shoes, but you are so right ... that would also have been very period appropriate. We'll have to try again now that it's warmed back up (nearly 80 degrees today - we were in the upper 50s when these were taken on Monday).

Again, thank you all for the feedback!


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"acarbo99" wrote:

Oh, Lauren! I love your conversion. Mind sharing your process? That shot is one of my favorites in the set. He just really sells the mood in that one. I didn't do a single b&w conversion. Guess I need to go back through and give it a try to see if I can come close to what you have here.

I started with the sepia tone image posted, added a gradient map layer, then added a curves layer and bumped up the exposure quite a bit, by pulling up the middle of the curve. I added another curves layer with a slight S curve to add contrast, and changed the blending mode to luminosity, then adjusted opacity to taste. (I left it quite high on this one) The middle area of the wall behind him was getting really bright, so I duplicated the background, and changed the blending mode to multiply, then masked out the subject and the corners, since the vignette was already quite heavy, and I didn't want to add to it. Then I just did some quick burning along the lines of the wall behind him, to bring out the detail. It sounds like a lot, but it was actually a pretty quick edit. Oh I also added a cherry tone using a LB action, and lowered the opacity quite a lot.