vintagey edit?

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vintagey edit?

I always have trouble deciding, i am so used to just doing clean edits
but what do you think before I edit the rest? yay or nay

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I would say yay, but tone it down some. JMO Smile

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I love it! The edit is beautiful. Cute kid!

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He looks a bit purply (is that a word?). Also, there is some type of green/gray cast on top of his head/hair.

I would mask him a bit more, to bring back some of his color.

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He's adorable! I agree with either masking him back more or toning it down.

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I like the effect, but I'd also like to see a clean edit to compare before making a call on it. Wink

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I LOVE IT!!!! Round the corners off and it will really have that 70s feel to it. Smile


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I love it too. I think it could be toned down a bit, but I am okay with it! Biggrin

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WOW i didnt even think to tone it down bahaha it looks much more my style i think
and a 'cleaner' version just because
thank you so much for your CC Biggrin

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they look super similar on here for some reason, they look very different on photoshop... weird

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Of your new ones posted, it looks like the second is a tad bit lighter in the face. I like it, though. Love the dirty face Smile