viola in the park

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viola in the park

OK. So I've been thinking about this particular photo shoot for some time. But I've just had a hard time getting my schedule to work out when I could do it.

Then along came Good Friday. School holiday. SCORE!

I know this is a lot, but I had trouble narrowing down which ones to share:

All were taken w/ my 50mm with an ISO of 200.

1. f/4 ss=1/200

2. f/4 ss=1/250

I have another version of this where I cloned out the sign post behind him. I just haven't uploaded it.

3. f/4 ss=1/250

4. f/4 ss=1/250

5. f/3.2 ss=1/250

6. f/3.2 ss=1/400

7. f/3.2 ss=1/400

and one more of the "out takes"

I still can't fully decide if I am happy with these. I'm his VERY proud mom, so yes, I love them. But technically they feel a little ... flat. I dunno.

Any thoughts you have would be most appreciated. And don't feel like you have to comment on them all - even if you just picked one and let me know what you think, I would be truly grateful.


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These are great, GiGi, and a beautiful record of his love of the viola! I think I like #5 the best, for the pose and sort of a serious 'classical musician' expression combined with the loosened tie and jeans. Somehow it works for me. I like #7 a lot too, just wish you had pulled back a bit more to get the whole bow in. Perhaps that in a landscape orientation, with visual 'room' for the arm to move the bow back and forth across the strings? More like #2, but off to one side. I think #4 is really cool. I just wish that where the focus fell, there was an obvious focal point, so that the effect of him blurred in the background didn't almost look like a mistake. Like, a piece of music resting on the grass or something like that. Regardless, I think they're all really special!

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I really like #7 it is my fave. My only advice would be to have him really play as you shot him. Then he would not feel posed. I think thats why I like # 7 so much cause he looks like he is really playing in that one. Also his eyes look a little dark maybe just a little more light in the eyes would be nice. Overall they are very good but I would give it another go with him really playing and the sheet of music sounds like a great idea as well!

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Viola is one of my favorite instruments. I only wish I learned how to play it... lol. These are great and I am sure your son is enjoying his time with this instrument. My only CC is that I wish on most of the shot the whole viola and/or the bow weren't chopped. I like #5 since it shows everything. I would probably clone out the trees in the background.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! I truly appreciate it!

Tracy, I wish I had thought of bringing along some sheet music. You are right, that would have really added a nice focal point for #4.

I really should have brought my telephoto lens as well. All I brought was the 50mm and it really limited me as the places we had used for him to sit all had me backed against water or trees and I couldn't get far enough away to get all of him and especially the bow.

He did play for me while I was shooting these. He played really softly as there were others at the park and he was kind of self conscious about it. I could hear it though and it was just perfect for the atmosphere. Definitely a memory I will hold in my heart for a long time. Biggrin

Again, thank you everyone!


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GiGi- I don't have much to add- these are FANTASTIC! They seem a bit contrasty to me, but maybe it's this work computer.

I took love #7 b/c of the natural feel. The last one makes me smile!

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They are good shots, everything you did looks great. I just don't like the look of all the dead stuff from after winter. I'd love to see some of these in B&W.