walk about (a few for c&c)

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walk about (a few for c&c)

After a snow day on Friday, temps rebounded to around 70F on Sunday. To celebrate the break in the weather, we loaded up and went on walk about at a local park on Sunday evening. Carlos is training for a trail run, so he took off running while Loli and I meandered along. I took the camera with the express purpose of trying something different for a change. I've been in a sincere rut as of late and I was hoping this would help shake the cobwebs off. I tried channeling Gwen to get a good sun burst photo, but that didn't quite materialize.

here are my favorites though. I would appreciate your c&c.

1. f/11 ss=1/500 iso=100 focal length=18mm

2. f/8 ss=1/500 iso=100 focal length=24mm

3. f/5.3 ss=1/60 iso=100 focal length=82mm

the only edits were for wb adjustments (I had left it on a previous setting and they looked so WRONG when I first pulled them off the camera. D'oh!) and some slight cropping.

I also held my breath and let Loli take a few shots on auto. He loves photography, but I forgot to bring the p&s for him. I think he did a pretty good job. No c&c necessary for these:




TFL! We had a great time on our walk and I can't wait to go back when everything is not dead looking. Wink


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It looks like a great day! I love the rich colors you captured in the landscape shots. #1 is my favorite because it's so dramatic, and I like the silhouette of the treeline.

#3 is a nice pensive shot (I hope my son will sit still like that one day....). The only thing that bothers me is the shadow cast by the cap. I had the same problem when I photographed a little boy at high noon. His little had was so cute, but I finally had to ask his parents if they'd remove it. Otherwise, I like the composition of the shot.

I'm anxiously awaiting spring's arrival, too!

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1 and 2 really remind me of HDR processing. The colors are so rich and deep! The one of Loli is just adorable!! Wish there was more light in his eyes, though. That hat shaded his face and darkened it up a bit.

Great job to Loli for using your camera, he did a good job. Lovely portrait of you Smile

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70 degrees!?! so jealous of that! Wink

1. LOVE THIS! just really neat, the colors are great, and I love the contrast.

2. this is cool too. looks nice and warm outside. But I feel like it should have a different aspect ratio, like it should be wider.

3. pull this one back into ACR and add some fill light under his brim. he also seems on the magenta side to me. otherwise, I think this is really nice!

4. love Loli's cloud capture. Smile

5. neat idea to capture the wood on wood.

6. yeah! a picture of you! he did good! (add some fill light to this one too though).

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I don't really have any CC except to say that #1 is absolutely gorgeous -- so rich and vibrant!! And I really like the one Loli took of you too.

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I saw these an your FB page and thought they were great. Loli has a good eye for photography! Must get it from you! #1 is my fave!

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Wow, those skies are just beautiful. I love the rich color.