Walking in the Woods (CC Please)

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Walking in the Woods (CC Please)

I took the boys on a walk down a nature trail, and of course, brought my camera. It was pretty dark, and I had to bump my ISO up pretty high on some of them so I got a lot of noise. I ran noiseware on these, so hopefully that helped.

I'm thinking that I centered this one too much.

ISO 800



ISO 1600


This one is so classic of my kids. Big one in the front, and little one chasing after him.

ISO 800


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No time for in depth CC, but #1 could be cropped as a landscape with your oldest's back to the 'short' side of the empty space and more empty space on your youngest's side.

The other two are cute Smile

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I agree with Jennifer's cc. #1 seems a little too yellow? not sure, might be intentional though.
I love #2 & 3! so cute!

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Which noiseware are you using? These look GREAT!!!

1. I don't know if it's too centered or not. I still like it. Wish we had eye contact from both though.

2. LOVE LOVE LOVE! He seems like he's off in his own world and I jsut love it. The mood here is incredible. the light feels soft and I wouldn't change a THING!

3. LOL! You gotta love brothers! Love how your youngest is reaching toward his older brother. What could be better? Do you scrapbook? I don't think I could resist this pic, if I were you. Biggrin

I really love this whole set. These shots are all wonderful examples of story telling photos. BRAVO!


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Love the tshirts!

I agree that #1 looks yellow, but I think it is a really sweet moment.

These are fun!

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No CC (at work), just wanted to say that the pictures are adorable.

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! GiGi, I use NoiseWare Community Edition. It's the free version from Imagenomic.

I tried to fix the yellow problem in the first one. I also restraightened it and cropped it slightly different. I wasn't able to go with a landscape crop with the standard sizes that I would print it out on. How'd I do?

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These are so cute and such typical little boys!

1. I like your fix. My only cc is the tree coming out of his head. I struggle with this alllll the time.
2. LOVE.
3. tree again, but I still adore it!

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Yeah, those darn trees! They're always giving me a hard time. And the sad thing is, I was actually thinking about them and telling myself to position the camera correctly when I was taking the bridge shot, but must have moved or something in the middle of it LOL!

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I'm still reading everyone else's CC trying to figure it all out so that I can one day have helpful CC of my own. Wink I am still developing a critical eye. I generally never catch the issues, or at least can't pinpoint what bothers me. Just wondering why the trees bother you? I did want to say that the last one is my absolute favorite!

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