Watch the butterfly

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Watch the butterfly

Here is my little trick for getting eye contact with the kiddies. Never thought to share it till now.

pipe cleaner and a pretty butterfly is all that is needed.

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That is an awesome idea! I spent hours a few weekends ago trying to get my 2yo to look anywhere even close to the camera. I will have to try that tomorrow. Thanks for sharing!

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i have a similar little trick, though it no longer works with my son lol
i crocheted a little bear that attaches to the lens, bu this seems WAY faster and easier to get variety! thanks for sharing Biggrin

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Thats brilliant!!! I have also heard of putting a PEZ dispenser on the hotshoe. Love yours more though!!!

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too cute! I remember Amber doing something like this before!

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TFS, Cazz!


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