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I've seen a few gorgeous waterfall pics from a few of you recently, and I'm curious as to what your settings were. I've tried to achieve the same shot on several occasions, and each time, my shot is so blown, there's nothing I could do with it. It's because of the long shutter speed. I think the times I tried it, I used a 3 sec. exposure time. It seems that no matter how much I close up my ap or how low I set my ISO, it's not closed up or low enough. I know that dusk would be the best time to shoot waterfalls, but Amber, your shot looks like it was shot in daylight. What am I missing??

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I've read that a 1/2 second SS is plenty to give the water a "cotton candy" effect.

Yesterday when getting the shot below, I chose my lowest ISO, closed my aperture up fully, and adjusted the SS to see how close I could get to that 1/2 second SS. At times yesterday, I wasn't always able to achieve such a low SS, but got close or at 1/2 second some of the time.

Bridal Falls

My settings there were ISO 80, SS 1/3rd of a second, and f8.0 (my smallest aperture on my P&S).

Apparently, it helps to have a filter on your lens (which I did), as that can give you up to four stops on your SS; and also to shoot on an overcast day (which I didn't). I also wasn't able to shoot the most spectacular falls in this spot as they were simply too bright -- an overcast day would make all the difference in that case.

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You can always close up ap and bring down iso - then make sure you have a tripod to assist.

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I think the settings on mine were ISO 200, F32 and a shutter speed of about 4 seconds. I forgot my tripod so rested the camera on a ledge and set it on the timer.