Watermarks are important

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Watermarks are important

Just had an annoying little comment in my facebook from my Dad's new wife:

Her note to me:
Have you had a chance to take look at Svetlanas (the wedding photographer they hired) photos. She has some great ones of you and your family. If I could figure out how to do it I would of put them up on your wall. I really need some computer

My response:
Yes, I saw them...they're really lovely. I wouldn't consider taking any of the images for my wall..that would be illegal. If you purchase any of the digital images, then it would be okay...but otherwise, I'll just enjoy them on her site. Thanks so much for sharing the gallery with me though.

It's my guess that this is the way most people think. Her daughter actually did steal some of the images from the proof gallery and put them in her facebook.

I had one client steal one of the images from her headshot session and start to use it for her facebook profile pic. She did this before paying for the image disk. I was super annoyed...but she did finally pay.

I'm thinking I need to start watermarking my images more thoroughly and annoyingly so that this kind of infringement doesn't so easily happen to me....and at least if it does, it advertises me.

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Ugh... people are always trying to cut corners and get something for nothing, aren't they? :?

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Sounds like something my Mum would do..... I think a lot of people think, well the pictures are of me so why cant I use them.

Perhaps you dad's new wife will think differently from now on.


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I had a good friend take a photo I had taken of my nephew and she was going to give it to my SIL as a present from her and she didn't even ask me!!!!! It made me incredibly mad and she just didnt understand why I would be mad???? It still gets under my skin to this day. I know I dont do it professionally but I still worked hard to take the photo and edit it and so on.

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A friend of the family who is on my facebook friends had posted one day in her status thingy that she was going to pick up her senior proofs and how excited she was... then not 2 hours later, she had uploaded several- OBVIOUSLY scanned- proofs with the copyright mark right ON IT. Some people just either don't care, or truly don't understand why ripping off an artists work is no different than stealing from a supermarket, and even far more insulting.

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Agreed it is annoying. I had a photo taken off my kids blog that was of another boy we had a playdate with, printed on a home printer, and put on his first birthday invites, one of which was mailed to me. All without a word to me. The same person gave one of my pictures of her cakes to her instructor for use in a publication that they were doing and told them that I didn't need recognition. I was told this all way after the fact.

The person who did this is a very nice person. I am good friends with her. I really think that she didn't even think about it being my work and therefore my property. Lesson learned.

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i hear this all the time. i really try to make sure i TELL my clients several times so they know. i think some people just dont GET it, you know?

i have a bunch of copyright stuff in my original paperwork i send clients and then when i finally send them the gallery, in the email i include...

"A few things to keep in mind:

I know you two are so respectful, but I make it a standard of mine to
always remind ALL clients of copyright laws. Printing, scanning, right
clicking and saving, cropping, etc. is against the law and punishable by
lots of really pesky fines. Plus, it devalues the integrity of my business
name and product. Each image is considered "Fine Art" and it feels so good
to treat them as such. I truly appreciate you being so understanding of
this thus far."

I do verbally tell them at the session that they may use the sneak peek images on the blog on facebook so long as they dont crop them, or I will just tag them in them if they are already a "friend".

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Wow, looks like this kind of thing has been happening to everyone. I think the problem is like Katie said, that some people really just don't get it. I like the idea of nicely "reminding" people:) Hopefully your Dad's new wife understands now that you explained that to her.

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Good for you for saying something! This stuff seems inevitable. You're right, watermark the heck out of them! I've started adding a proof WM to my galleries and blog. I've also decided to upload a couple client sneak peeks to Facebook and tag clients on them so they can use them in their profile (I don't sell web-sized images, so it works for me) They have "Proof" and my logo all over them. It's free advertising for me and the client is thrilled that they have something to show off to their friends. Just an idea! WOM goes far in this business.

I just made an action and keep the opacity low, but if you print this, the PROOF stands right out Wink

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My photos end up on Facebook all the time. It ticked me off at first, but thankfully they haven't tried to crop out the logo or anything. Once I have my business page up, I'm just going to ask them to tag me in them so at least people looking at them have a refence back to me. I think I'm going to start making the wm a little more annoying, though. Smile