Is this way too much??

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Is this way too much??

Still messing with CS4 just to see what happens when I hit this button or that haha!

Anyway I came up with this and I'm not sure if this way out there in the realm of crap or what. I actually don't mind it Biggrin


Original SOOC not even SFW

My play

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Yeah, it's not my thing...but it's for you, so if you like it then it's a success.

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I'm not diggin it....but Amber said it best, if you like it thats all that counts!

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I actually REALLY like your sooc shot. Especially with if you did some popping and cropping of the photo. I think the edit is way to much thats just imo though. Smile

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Not my style. But I agree with PP, if you like it, then that's all that matters Smile

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i like it, very creative

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It's not for me either, but like the others say, it not whether we like it, it's if you like it.

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I would say so, but it's just not for my taste. If it is for you, then go for it! YOU are the one that matters! Biggrin