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WB edit

I was playing around with Lightroom, I don't really know how to use it yet, I have to get a book and my friend will show me how she edits her photos on it. Anyways tonight I was playing around with the WB because I know the WB in the pics I posted for CC was bad. So please let me know if this looks better or this edit is completly wrong.
Thank you.

1, My original edit ( not SOOC )

2, Auto WB

3, Auto WB + Auto tone

4, My original edit ( not SOOC )

5, Auto WB + Auto tone

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I think these new edits are a BIG step in the right direction! She looks a LITTLE cool in #2, but I think the 'auto tone' helped warm it back up a bit. Use the whites of her eyes to help you decide if it's gotten too cool (they will look blue).

Good work!


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I don't know a thing about LR, so sorry I can't help you there. WB is one thing I am not ready to start changing, but I know I need to!

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I still struggle with WB and color, so I'm in this learning process as well!

I do think #1 is slightly cool, but better than the yellow of the original. #2 the lit side of her face seems to have gotten too bright? For that one I actually prefer the original.

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I'm loving the Auto WB in LR, it doesnt work in all the photos, I was playing around and trying to fix some of my old photos, it worked in most but not all. The auto tone only worked in few, but there is a setting for exposure so I used that for most.
In my post with pics for CC, the last 2 photos I took with natural light when I used the auto WB on them, they didn't really change, I just need to stay away from lights because they make everything yellow for me. But it is good to know I will be able to fix some of them now, till now I was not able to remove the yellow cast without making my photos look weird.